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Mac Host Installation

Installation of RemoteToPC Mac remote access software

To install RemoteToPC on a Mac Host that you intend to access:

Step 1.

Login to your RemoteToPC Command Center and click on the “Add Host Computer” button:

You’ll see this screen:

Mac remote access

Complete the download and installation on the Mac, copy the unique API key from the menu.

Step 2. 

Paste the API key and select save.

Step 3.

Follow the instructions on your screen carefully:

1. Click the “Open System Preferences” button and enable “Screen Sharing”

2. Open “Computer Settings” and check the box that allows you to set an access password.

3. Enter an Access Password you can remember and click “OK”

4. After that close the preferences tab then finish by closing this window.

You’re now ready to access this Mac computer from RemoteToPC:


  1. The web viewer crashes the Mac Host (This means only connect from the PC Viewer (Join) to a Mac for now). To recover you must right click on the RemoteToPC cloud in the upper right on the Mac host and then relaunch it from Applications.
  2. The “Turn Off” and “Turn On” in the Management screen does not update the “Enabled” or Disabled” status indicator on the same page
  3. During installation, if a computer with the same name as your Mac already exists in your command center the installation will report “Wrong Api” error instead of informing a user that a computer by the same name exists.