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GoToMyPC Alternatives

RemoteToPC Vs GoToMyPC

For those looking for a GoToMyPC alternative, the bottom line is that RemoteToPC cost much less than GoToMyPC, and is just as reliable and safe.  Other Go to MyPC alternatives are often priced more closely to the GoTo MyPC pricing, but our pricing is significant lower than the past or current GoToMyPC prices. 

Why RemoteToPC is better: RemoteToPC GoToMyPC
Pricing RemoteToPC BASIC Plan for 10 computers $99 /yr BUSINESS Plan for 20 computers $179 /yr GoToMyPC Personal Plan starts at $420.00 for 1 computer per year
Encryption Remote Access is secure with TLS v 1.2 / 256-AES + Poly 1305 AEAD Cryptography encryption Supports 128-bit AES encryption
Remote host updates Automatic Host updates to the latest version of the RemoteToPC application This feature is not available in the GoToMyPC basic plan
Access via web You can use the RemoteToPC WEB viewer connect to remote computers from right within a browser, with no software installation Software installation is required for access via web

GoToMyPC doesn’t have a web based solution. If you want to hop into a browser and access RemoteToPC without installing the viewer, you can. Which is why we think RemoteToPC is one of the best GoToMyPC alternatives.