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Remote Monitoring: The Key to Smarter Business Operations Management

As a business, you ought to work hard to attain operational efficiency. Essentially, you want to deliver more output for a given input, or rather; you should strive to churn out more business results using optimized resources like money, equipment, inventory, and other inputs. The key to smarter business operations is to cut down on wastage.

You will need to utilize your time, effort, and materials better to deliver high-quality services or products on optimal resources. Well, one of the best ways to do this is to leverage the right technology. You need to tap into remote monitoring tools like RemoteToPC to help you attain operational efficiency, particularly in a hybrid workplace. According to a workplace study done by Gallup, access to the right tools for work is one of the key challenges to hybrid workplaces.

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Let’s look into what remote monitoring is all about and why remote monitoring tools can help you improve your business operations. 

What is remote monitoring?

Remote monitoring refers to keeping tabs on remote computers, networks, and other endpoints from anywhere. It is also commonly known as network management or remote IT management, given that it entails proactive maintenance aimed at boosting the productivity and reliability of your business. 

Remote desktop tools like RemoteToPC are designed to make remote monitoring easier, thus keeping your business tech infrastructure and workforce working smoothly. With the right remote login tools, your tech team can access remote computers to monitor the business’s critical aspects, especially those related to IT infrastructure. You can centralize critical device management without necessarily getting any end-user input. 

You can also do regular updates, detect and patch software vulnerabilities to protect your business devices against external threats and human error that could lead to costly downtimes and financial losses. 

Remote monitoring also makes it easy to deliver the best end-user support for your team, particularly if they are working remotely. You need to manage your remote team and fix common technical failures that could affect your operations. 

This is where remote monitoring comes in very handy.

Benefits of remote monitoring in business operations management

Here are some of the key benefits of using remote monitoring to enhance your business operations:

1) Enhanced Efficiency

If you are running models like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device),  CYOD (Choose Your Own Device), COPE (Company Owned/Personally Enabled), or COBO (Company Owned/Business Only), remote monitoring can help you keep track of the end devices in your corporate network. Ergo, keep your business running smoothly.

Remote access software will help your tech team or a Managed Service Provider(MSP) keep an eye on potential technical problems. It is a proactive and reactive approach that uses alerts to arrest a tech issue before it escalates to a time waster that could hamper operations and service delivery.

2) Improved Productivity 

If you have a productive team coupled with the right tech, your clients won’t need to spend too much time queuing in line waiting to be served. Remote monitoring tool like RemoteToPC enables you to support employees to help them serve more customers faster, leading to improved employee productivity. You can also offer prompt remote support to clients who need urgent help. 

Activities Employees Prioritize While WFH

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3) Enhanced Safety and Compliance

Remote monitoring is vital in keeping your business safe from common cybersecurity threats. A Remote monitoring tool can let you remote view login and monitor the performance and the security of your devices. 

You can use a tool with two-factor authentication (2FA) to add a layer of security to help protect critical business data as you collaborate. It is actually a legal requirement for businesses to protect user data. Thus, you can enhance compliance with data protection and cybersecurity laws pertaining to your business. 

4) Improved Customer Service 

The average customer is very impatient and prefers convenience and fast service. Remote monitoring helps you meet their expectations by responding to their queries quickly without making them wait too long. In the long run, your business will create a good reputation for providing high-quality customer service that boosts customer satisfaction and retention rates. 

5) Increased Flexibility 

The right remote desktop tools bring all your employees within reach. With remote pc login in just a few simple clicks, your IT team can monitor device health, system health, software inventory, and user health of any end-user device in your business network. This way, you will definitely afford your tech team productivity and flexibility.

6) Real-time Monitoring 

In the past, your employees would have to wait for the tech team to identify a technical problem through physical access to the device. With remote login access, the tech team can get real-time alerts about potential issues that could slow your business operations. 

Your in-house team or an MSP can act on the alerts faster from where they are. They can monitor any issues that crop up closely and move to fix the problem before it escalates!

How remote monitoring works

The remote monitoring process is quite easy. You will simply need to install an agent on your remote desktop computer and all other endpoints you want to access, such as smartphones, desktops, and laptops. 

Once the installation is complete and successful, you can now access and control the target devices remotely and receive all relevant information from a centralized dashboard. 

RemoteToPC is a good example of a remote pc software that allows you to monitor and manage your company devices from anywhere. The tool has a number of features that allow you to perform many critical device management and security operations from the comfort of where you are.

Implementation of Remote Monitoring in Business Operations Management 

Now that you know more about remote pc access and what it can do for your business, it is time to implement the right solution to fine-tune your operations.

 Implementation of Remote Monitoring

For starters, you need the right plan and strategy to avoid the outcome of any poor or rushed attempts at software implementation. As a rule of thumb, it is always advisable to ease into software implementation and use careful planning and execution to achieve your goals. 

Here is a guide on implementing the right remote monitoring tool to streamline your overall business operations: 

1) Developing a Remote Monitoring Strategy 

The first key step in implementing RMM software is to engage the relevant stakeholders, in this case, the employees. Then, map out all the tasks you need to carry out for the duration of your project. 

You also need to allocate a reasonable amount of time for each task and the team to oversee the implementation. Don’t forget to draft a list of possible problems you could encounter during the rollout.

2) Integrating Remote Monitoring Systems into Existing Infrastructure 

Once you have a robust plan, you can move on to the integration step. For example, you might need to partially shut down a core part of your existing tech infrastructure to make integration run smoothly. In that case, it is best to install the RemoteToPC tool during off-hours. Alternatively, you could perform the integration during off-peak hours when most of your employees are logged out of work. 

3) Staff Training and Management

Even though a massive part of the implementation process entails technical steps, it is crucial to remember that your employees will interact with your remote desktop software the most. Therefore, ensuring that everyone receives adequate training to avoid glitches once you fully integrate the software into your infrastructure would be wise. 

4) Monitoring and Evaluation

Remember, you still have to be on the lookout for any bugs and glitches that could interfere with business operations and reduce productivity. Ensure you also source feedback to get on top of the user experience of the remote access login solution. 

Why choose RemoteToPC?

You are now to find the right remote monitoring software in the market. Talking of the right tool, RemoteToPC is the best remote access software to help you boost your productivity and streamline all your business operations. 

The software has excellent remote access features tailored for any type of business. You can use the tool to remote desktop login to monitor the health and other info on a PC from anywhere. 

You can configure email alerts if a CPU, RAM, DISK, or server has an issue. This software is quite easy to set up and use. The prices are also affordable, plus you can select a plan below that best fits your needs with a 14-day free trial to test it out! 

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, you need to invest in the right tech and tools for smarter business operations. You can leverage remote monitoring tools RemoteToPC to help you cut time wastage, reduce downtimes and avert cybersecurity risks that will hurt your business operations. 

RemoteToPC: The Ultimate Tool For Managing Virtual Teams

According to the 2022 Owl Labs State of Remote Work report, employees are actively looking for the flexibility to work from home. The report noted that the number of workers choosing to work remotely went up 24% compared to 2021. Those who prefer hybrid work went up 16%, while those choosing to work from the office dropped by 24%. As a business, you ought to adapt to the changing employee demands by allowing your team to work remotely. 

That said, managing remote teams can also come with challenges, including fragmented communication, distractions, technical challenges, and work-life balance. In this regard, you need to invest in the right technology, specifically using remote work tools like RemoteToPC, to solve some of these remote work challenges. 

Let’s delve in and expound more on how you can use RemoteToPC in managing virtual teams better:

RemoteToPC: The Best Remote Access Software 

RemoteToPC is among the best remote access software in the market that allows you to remotely login to your office PC from anywhere. You can access your files from home, collaborate on your work and even provide remote support and remote IT management.

For example, you might have a document on the office desktop that you need to retrieve and send to your colleague in your virtual team. 

In this case, RemoteToPC lets you access your office PC securely from the comfort of your home without worrying about the commute to the workplace. 

All you need to do is install a client remote access software on the host PC in the office, and you are good to access the information from anywhere!

Key RemoteToPC Features 

Here are some of the wonderful features of this remote pc software you might find helpful in managing your remote team:

Remote PC login Access

This remote access tool allows secure access to remote computers to improve productivity.

Remote access is also valuable for the IT department, which provides remote support to virtual teams. They can take control of the target device and provide necessary tech support to distributed teams.

RemoteToPC Command Center

Unattended Remote Desktop Access 

RemoteToPC has a wonderful feature known as unattended remote access. This feature allows you to remote login and access remote computers without having a host user on that target device granting you access. Simply put, this feature comes in handy when nobody is in the office to operate the PC for you.

You just need to install the client remote access software on the target PC and establish what is known as a client-server connection. The unattended remote desktop access helps the IT support team to provide support, fix technical issues, and reduce unplanned downtimes easily.

Access from any device 

There are scenarios where you might want to login to your PC and access any work device remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Well, RemoteToPC allows for that kind of flexibility. 

You can access a remote desktop computer from a Mac, iPhone, Android, or Linux system using the Web Viewer. You can remote view login through browsers like Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.

Allows Installation of Two-factor Authentication (2FA) 

RemoteToPC also supports two-factor authentication for its users. This ascertains that anyone who has access to your company data and devices has strict authority to do so. You can also use 3rd party tools like Google Authenticate. 2FA boosts security by prompting users to verify their identity before they can access the remote desktop computer.

Remote File Transfer and Remote Printing 

The tool also makes printing easier for virtual teams. All you need to do is send a virtual copy of the document to your local printer. In fact, you can even quickly transfer files between a remote and a local device using this remote pc software. 

How RemoteToPC compares to other Remote Desktop Software

When you are thinking about managing virtual teams, RemoteToPC is the remote access tool you should use. But why?

For starters, RemoteToPC is one of the cheapest remote desktop software in the market. The basic plan is just $99 per year for ten users!

The encryption features on RemoteToPC are also top-grade. The tool uses TLS V 1.2/ 256-AES and Poly 1305 AEAD Cryptography. This is essential in protecting your business from attacks as you work remotely. 

You will also get unlimited concurrent access & unlimited users with Enterprise plans. Plus, you can easily deploy RemoteToPC hosts via a link you email or to multiple systems in a domain. 

Not to mention, you can try RemoteToPC software features for 14 days!

Are you still thinking? Check this detailed comparison of how RemoteToPC compares to other remote desktop tools. 

Getting started with RemoteToPC

You’ll simply need to select the plan that fits your business, then sign up to start your free trial! 

You will then be allowed to download and install the host software on the host computer and the remote viewer software on the viewer computer or mobile device.

That’s all! You are now good to start using RemoteToPC to manage your virtual team better!

Benefits of using RemoteToPC to manage virtual teams 

Let’s look into some key benefits of leveraging RemoteToPC in managing virtual teams.

Improved Communication 

One of the significant challenges managers face when dealing with remote teams is fragmented communication. Well, RemoteToPC solves this by making it easier to collaborate and relay information between you and your virtual team. 

For instance, an employee in the IT department could use this remote pc software to assist a virtual employee experiencing technical issues on their device. You will pretty much simulate physical interaction in a traditional workplace. 

Improved Communication 

Increased Productivity 

With RemoteToPC, your virtual team doesn’t have to waste time retrieving files from the office PC. Instead, they will be more productive with the tool granting them remote access login to files from a device faster, plus they can collaborate and print them easily.

Better Collaboration 

There is always a chance that your remote employees will feel disconnected from the in-house staff and the rest of the distributed team. RemoteToPC improves collaboration by making your virtual team feel connected. This remote viewer software allows them to access files in real time and discuss how to tackle projects together. 

Enhanced Security 

Unfortunately, remote work poses a cybersecurity risk to your company. In a traditional workplace, your network infrastructure in the office will be under your watch. They will be better at protecting company devices from hackers and malicious attacks. 

However, when your employees work from home, they are no longer within the safeguards you have put in place in the office. There is a high chance their personal data and Wi-Fi networks will be infiltrated, putting your company at significant risk. 

A tool like RemoteToPC lets you breathe easy, knowing your company files and data are under tight lock and key. There are essential security features on this remote viewer software, like the encryption of files in transit. This will boost the security of your company files and data as you collaborate with your virtual team. 

Streamlined Remote Access Support 

Your remote team is bound to experience technical issues. This was actually one of the biggest remote work challenges during the pandemic. According to the Velocity Smart Technology Market Research Report 2021, 70% of remote workers experienced IT problems during the pandemic. 54% had to wait up to three hours for the issue to be resolved.

Remote Access Support

RemoteToPC guarantees they will get the remote support they need to continue with the relevant tasks at hand. Your IT team can remote view login to the device to troubleshoot the challenges faster. You can fix technical issues faster by getting your operations running smoothly. 

Wrapping up 

In a nutshell, the current workforce prefers to have a bit of flexibility in their schedules. Times are changing, and you ought to move with the changing workplace trends. You can allow employees to work from home and incorporate remote work tools like RemoteToPC to make your work more manageable. You will certainly offer a conducive experience to attract and keep the best talent in your business. You are also bound to scale up the productivity of your virtual team and ultimately reap the benefits of remote work as a business. 

Remote Training: Ultimate Guide to Upscale Your Team

In the past, working away from the office was a preserve of those at the apex of society. In the last decade, though, remote work has taken center stage. It is now seen less as a status symbol but as a way to make work models more flexible. Studies show that remote workers have increased by 173% since 2005. The pandemic also played a huge role in accelerating the disruption forcing businesses to adopt remote work. The beauty is that remote work does benefit your business and your employees. A study done by Tracking Happiness which surveyed 12,455 employees, found that allowing your team to work remotely raises their happiness by as much as 20%!

Well, as more and more employees express the desire to work away from the office, it would help to take proactive steps to scale up the productivity of your remote team. This is where providing tailored remote training comes in handy as one of the best ways to streamline your business operations, boost your employees’ efficiency, and ultimately increase your revenue. Let’s look into what remote training is all about and how to use it to upskill your team.

What Is Remote Training?

Remote training involves a tutor providing training content digitally from a distance rather than physically. The content can be disseminated online while the employees can remote login to access content from a remote desktop computer. They could also get remote support during training from wherever they are.

Common forms of remote training include workshops, webinars, and online courses. As the name suggests, the trainee doesn’t have to be in the office or training center to participate in learning. All they need is a remote login to access the learning material.

According to the recent AT&T study, the hybrid work model will increase to 81% by 2024. That’s why the need to implement remote training is surging. Remote training transcends geographical locations and time zones. These days you could be in Australia and attend a webinar in South Africa! In fact, flexible blended learning is actually one of the corporate training trends you should know as a business owner or manager.

Estimated rise in hybrid work model

Signs Your Business Needs Remote Training

Remember, you want to attract and retain top talent in your workplace. One way to do this is to invest in Learning & Development (L&D). You ought to keep your employees in the loop as the world and your industry evolves. This is why remote training through remote support tools is now becoming vital in upskilling distributed teams. Here are some of the signs you should start investing more in remote training:

Hybrid Work Culture

In the past, corporate entities preferred face-to-face learning, but times are now changing with the growth of the remote workforce. If you have opted to let your employees work from home or perhaps they come to the office a few days of the week (hybrid model), you will have to consider investing in remote training. Remember, they won’t be in the office as much as they used to, meaning they need ample guidance and training to navigate any assignment or task you provide and do a good job. So, if you have implemented a Work from Home (WFH) model or hybrid, it is time to invest in tools like RemoteToPC to help you implement an effective remote training program.

Hybrid work culture

Low Team Engagement

Some remote employees might think that working away from the office lets them off the hook. On the other hand, they might feel detached from the rest of the team. As a result, they become unresponsive and don’t engage with you as much as they would if they reported to the office daily. Remote training is an excellent solution to this predicament as it boosts their feelings of inclusivity and inspires them to participate more.

Decreased Productivity

Studies reveal that working from home results in a 64% increase in employee productivity. However, this is not always the case. Some employees might perform poorly because they have not been trained adequately and don’t know how to handle a particular task when they are away from the office. Remote training will ensure your team members know what to do and how to handle issues they encounter.

Frequent IT Issues

You know just how sensitive the IT department is in a company these days. If IT issues are not handled promptly, you might experience system failures that slow down or halt business operations. A Gartner survey found that 98% of companies estimated the cost of IT downtime to be between $100,000 to $540,000 per hour!

Well, remote training using remote work tools like RemoteToPC is a great way to upskill your IT department to tackle common issues. They can thus adapt to new tech and digital transformation trends.

In a nutshell, your team will be better equipped to prevent and solve tech issues. Your remote employees will get the right support, you will cut on costly downtimes, and your business can run smoothly!

Popular Ways to Train Remote Employees

Here are some of the popular methods of remote training for your employees:

Use Remote Training Tools

Again, one of the most popular ways to train remote employees is to use training tools. Keep in mind that the tools you choose will make a significant difference in the learning and development of your staff members. An excellent remote training tool can help your team members learn new skills, improve their performance at work, and boost their confidence.

Remote training tools like RemoteToPC are not only good for the staff but also benefit employers and managers. For starters, it might not be feasible to gather your remote employees physically. Remote training tools like RemoteToPC can help you provide off-site support to your employees. This remote desktop computer software comes with effective user management that you will appreciate during the training sessions. You can also use the tool to track how well your trainees respond to the training sessions.


Leveraging Video Conferencing

Video conferences are also popularly known as webinars. They entail recording a live video where learners can tune in to gain knowledge. The sessions are often not pre-recorded, meaning the speaker has to be prepared with all their materials before they make the presentation. However, there is a chance that learners can watch the video later after the session is over.

For the best learning outcomes when using webinars, ensure you highlight the main points to avoid losing your audience along the way. It would also help to pause every now and then to allow participants to ask questions or seek further clarification. Lastly, it would be a great idea to keep communication balanced. Remember, this is a video conference, not a lecture.

Online Courses 

Another effective way to provide remote training is through online classes. If you take your time strategically designing a powerful online class, you will be in a better position to bring out the learner’s full potential and ignite the spark within them. Online classes are increasingly flexible because learners can access them anywhere and from any time zone. 

It would help to include PowerPoint Presentations and other auditory elements to help the learner grasp the concepts and increase their chances of retaining what they learned. Ensure you look through the learner’s lens when you create the learning material so you can anticipate their expectations and tailor your slides to their level of understanding.

You can also use online courses from platforms to upskill your remote team.

Concluding Remarks: Remote Training Matters!

It is evident that remote work is here to stay! More than 50% of employees have expressed an interest in working remotely. They will no longer need to waste time during the commute and have the freedom to create their own schedules. Unfortunately, 15% of employers who manage remote teams do not know what they are doing, nor have they received any training. Offering remote training will help you attract the best talent and allow your employees to be the best version of themselves. When you invest in training and optimizing your staff, the net effect is a highly optimized company. It is time to invest in the right remote login tools to help you train your remote staff!

Unattended Remote Access: Everything You Need To Know

We are in the digital era where technology is literally making anything possible, including the ability to remotely access your PC or devices from anywhere. In the old days, if you were miles away and wanted to access an important file from your laptop or PC, the obvious choice would be to go there physically.

Today you can simply access the file or even control a device remotely thanks to remote access software!  This is where the concept of unattended remote access comes in as one of the popular ways to establish that remote access connection.

According to recent statistics, Remote Desktop Software Market is expected to touch the mark of USD 5,994.8 Million by 2028.

That said, let’s learn more about what unattended remote access is and how you can use it to streamline your work and operations.

Unattended Remote Access: What Does It Mean?

For starters, Unattended remote access is one of the techniques to access a PC remotely. It essentially allows you to control and retrieve the files and documents within your target device without an end user physically granting you access.

All you need for the access to be successful is to set up lightweight software on the target device and access the servers you wish to control. The two will then help you establish a remote client-server connection you can use to control and monitor the device from anywhere you are!

Unattended remote access login comes in very handy for IT support and help desk teams who need to assist their clients in installing updates, troubleshooting technical issues, and more. It makes support much easier, meaning you can cut unplanned downtimes.

You can use the tool for file transfers, remote printing, session reporting, implementing security controls, and more. Many businesses are leveraging unattended remote access tools to boost their productivity and increase flexibility, particularly for teams working in a fully remote or hybrid workplace.

Hybrid Workplace

Source: Businessnewsdaily

Say your employees work from home, and they need to access a file on remote computers in the office.  In this case, remote access can allow them to get hold of the file from the office PC without much of a hassle.

How Does It Differ From Attended Remote Access?

Attended remote access is simply the opposite of unattended remote access. In this case, the remote access connection requires an end-user input on the target device to grant you access and start the connection. You need to install attended remote access software on both the host and remote computers to set up the connection.

Remember, unattended remote login access doesn’t require an end user or a technician to be physically present to grant access. Once you install remote support software on all the devices you want to control, you can tap into them anytime and from anywhere as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Attended access is often used for on-demand support, while unattended access is ideal for endpoint management.

Attended Remote Access

Benefits Of Using Unattended Remote Access

Here are some of the advantages of unattended remote access for businesses:

1. Improve How You Work From Home!

Working from home is fast becoming popular for businesses that want to embrace flexibility, improve productivity, cut costs and ultimately scale up on profits. Research done by Owl Labs found that remote and hybrid employees tend to be happier than those working in an onsite office environment.

RemoteToPC Access

Well, leveraging unattended remote access technology allows your employees to collaborate and work better. For example, one of your employees might need a file from the company network infrastructure. An enterprise remote access tool like RemotetoPC allows your team to access and share files via a secure connection. They can also print them remotely. You can do all these via a web portal. You don’t need to install any software to initialize the connection.

You can also use the remote access tool to control Android mobile devices if your business has a mobility policy like BYOD (Bring your Own Device) or COPE (Company Owned/Personally Enabled).

2. Streamline IT Support

With the help of effective IT support tools like RemotetoPC, your IT team can help clients who need urgent remote support with their devices. Again, this makes remote work far much easier. You can reduce on-site support making your IT team much more productive. Your IT team can also remote access log-in to devices to undertake regular updates and security patches to cut down on downtime issues.

3. Save Time

Your employees waste lots of time on transit they would have used more productively. Some clients will not be patient enough to wait till you get to the office to have a problem resolved. In this case, the remote access solutions allow your employees and other admins to respond promptly, even via their mobile phones or tablets.

Save Time

4. Meet Industry Regulatory Compliance & Standards

Secure remote login access allows you to comply with legislation and regulatory guidelines in your industry. For instance, if you are in the healthcare industry, one of the key regulations you and all your third-party vendors should adhere to includes the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the GDPR. These laws stipulate data privacy requirements that protect sensitive patient information. Secure remote access tools ensure that you and your vendors protect client data to avoid costly data breaches.

Why Choose Remote To Pc For Unattended Remote Access?

Again, an enterprise tool like RemotetoPC is the key to enjoying some of the unattended remote access benefits we have discussed. The beauty is there is no limit on the number of devices you can connect to and access at a particular time.

You can also add an unlimited number of accounts for everyone in your workplace and assign each person a device to access and control remotely. You can access your PCs and Macs from any other device as long as you have the host software installed on the remote computer.

Work From Home

Perhaps you receive a request from a client who needs IT support. If they don’t already have RemoteToPC, you could send them an email with a link to download and install the software. Then you will be set to access their computer!

You could also choose to restrict other users in your account to specific computers so they won’t be able to get to other computers they are not supposed to have access to. At the advanced level, RemoteToPC allows you to manage as many tabs as you need without switching from one window to another. Once you have retrieved the files you need, this solution allows you to transfer the files to any other host connected to the server.

Other features you can use are multi-system deployments, computer grouping and search, remote reboot, remote printing, chat, and drag and drop and more. In connection you can also block the host device’s mouse or keyboard to prevent users from interrupting you while you work.

In A Nutshell

In a nutshell, unattended remote access tools can improve how you do business. A top enterprise remote PC access solution like RemoteToPC can help your IT team troubleshoot and provide support faster. You can cut on costly downtimes and improve your customer service, plus your employees can work from home without sacrificing efficiency and security!

Streamline Your Hybrid Office with These Remote Work Tools

In recent years, a lot has changed, including the way we work. Technology has played a remarkable role in these shifting trends. Employees are now working remotely in a distributed fashion, especially after the first quarter of 2020 when the pandemic put the world to a standstill. It is worth noting that employees who work from home are 22% happier than those who work from the office, according to a survey report conducted by Owl labs. Some employees are, however, split between working at the office and working from home in what is known as a hybrid work model.

Hybrid Work Model Plans


The bottom line is that the trend is expected to keep gaining traction in the coming years. In fact, it is estimated that 22%, which roughly translates to around 36.2 million Americans, will be working remotely by 2025.  This is why as a business, you need to invest in the right remote work tools to tap into the benefits. Talking of being prepared, here is a list of essential tools to facilitate hybrid working:

What Exactly Are Remote Work Tools?

Remote work tools are essentially digital software and programs that help remote workers transact, collaborate, communicate and accomplish work together as a team. Simply put, it allows employees to work together from anywhere across the world. It was born out of the growing adoption of remote work and a hybrid model, where employees can do their jobs in-office or from distributed locations other than the central office.

Top Remote Work Tools to Have:


The RemoteToPC is a wonderful Remote pc viewer tool that helps businesses provide remote support and IT management. For example, this tool gives you remote access to your office PC. With Remote login to pc access, everything on a target computer can be accessed virtually- from anywhere in the world. You can use it to grab a locally saved file, check something quickly from your remote PC, or take remote control of a colleague’s computer when they need help.


You can enjoy Remote access to pc with advanced features like an end to end encryption, double password protection, and a two-factor authentication web login. The beauty is that RemoteToPC software has a number of plans depending on your business size and desired features, which are pretty affordable.  For example, you can go for the enterprise level for corporate and IT remote access, which allows unlimited additional user accounts.

Additionally, it provides unattended remote PC access for hundred-plus computers and gives you the power to limit users’ access to specific computers. Your business IT team can provide remote PC access management along with support, alerts, and PC health monitoring. Also, with a Remote PC viewer, you can secure remote login to pc through a web browser which is an ideal solution for accessing your remote computers without any software installation.

It is excellent software to provide everyone in the office with secure remote access!


Zoom is a remote video conferencing service that has become quite popular in the last few years. It keeps your team connected through phone calls, conference rooms, and video chat. It also provides video webinars, online meetings, file sharing, and cross-platform messaging. Collaborative features such as whiteboard and simultaneous screen sharing are also available.

Hybrid Work Model

Zoom offers HD video and voice, gallery view, full screen, and Outlook and Chrome plugins, all for free. It can host up to one hundred participants and unlimited one-on-one meetings where a group of three or even more can meet for 40 minutes with the free plan, which many companies find limiting. However, with the paid plan, there’s unlimited meeting time. The paid program supports streaming on social media and cloud storage of meetings. Zoom supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS operating systems.


Fyle is a cloud-based software that helps you manage your expenses as a company by taking care of the repetitive mundane tasks, thus allowing employees to focus on tasks that matter more. Fyle codes and extracts data from expense receipts using an AI-powered data extraction machine. Thus, it is more accurate and significantly eliminates the manual reconciliation of receipts.

Traditionally, expense reporting takes hours and hours, but with this software, the time used reduces drastically. The finance, accounting team, and general employees can access and view their business expenses under one dashboard.

The receipts are submitted from Microsoft teams, email forwarding, slack, text messaging, Outlook, Gmail, and the Fyle mobile app. Fyle is an excellent software as it gives management a glimpse of their financial operations, thus making Fyle a recommendable tool.


Slack is a platform that allows real-time file sharing, instant messaging, and collaboration used across the company for simplified communication. The conversations are broken down into shared channels, thus simplifying teamwork and allowing organizations to communicate with team members worldwide.

Further, somebody can use the channels to chat and send individual messages to employees and co-workers. Video and voice call also enable face-to-face communication to feel like a walk in the park. Slack has up to ten integrations with other apps, such as Office 365 and Google Drive.


HubSpot meetings give you a chance to sync your calendar with the platform. Hence, it allows your employees and customers to schedule appointments with you.

Users can save contact information using the form fields on your meeting page. Additionally, somebody can send the meeting page by embedding it on a website or send it as a link by email. You can get started with free HubSpot and have access to unlimited meetings.

Google Drive

This Google cloud service allows you to share, sync, store, and access your files across any device, allowing individuals to view and update them from anywhere. The files are held in one centralized location. Also, It integrates with other google applications such as Drawings, Sheets, Slides, Google Forms, and Docs. Google Drive allows you to save email attachments in one workspace. The personal plan has a capacity of free 15GB of cloud storage, which fills up quickly.


Zapier is an automation tool that automatically combines two or more web apps to take advantage of their functionalities. Zapier is a nice tool that can elevate your employee productivity. You can turn emails you get into to-dos on task management apps like Trello, Tallyfy,  Asana, Airtable, and the like. You can also save your mail attachments directly to any cloud storage provider like Dropbox or G Drive. You could also assign tasks to your employees from your email. It also allows you to send automatic surveys, among other workflows you could automate.


Remote working and especially hybrid work models are here to stay! So, make it your goal to find tools for accessing remote computers and software that can streamline and speed up your collaboration and processes for a better workplace culture in a hybrid work environment. These remote work tools are bound to maximize your team’s productivity and smoothen operations; thus, you will reap the benefits of the remote and hybrid work model.

Must-Have Features In Secure Remote Access Solution For Small Businesses

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses were caught in limbo and forced to start operating remotely. While some businesses had preexisting structures to aid remote working, many struggled because they were unprepared. Frankly, many never anticipated a time when the work-from-home model would become more or less the norm.

Since then, though, the world has largely embraced remote working because it improves productivity in a business irrespective of size. According to a survey by Airtasker, remote workers are unproductive for an average of 27 minutes a day compared to 37 minutes for in-office employees. This is further supported by a Stanford study that shows that working from home is like increasing a full day of productivity every week.

In fact, a study by McKinsey American Opportunity Survey shows that 87% of employees would take remote jobs because it provides flexible working arrangements. Furthermore, employees get desired freedom and peace, which aids in work/life balance, and saves cost.

Image Source: Forbes

From a business perspective, it helps save wage growth because of flexible work strategies and reduced costs. Again, employees get to work on their optimum conditions to deliver the best for a business.

Of course, work-from-home (remote) and hybrid models cannot be successful without the right technology. Using virtual communication platforms like Zoom is just not enough anymore. You probably need to access important data from a remote device, process and share it with other members of a distributed team. This is where having a secure remote access solution for a small business like RemoteToPC software comes in handy!

This is a tool that allows you to interact remotely with your business computer, safely fetch desired information/data, and remotely process to meet your needs. The beauty of this tool is that it is suitable and tailored to fit virtually any size of business.

What is Remote Access? 

Remote PC access, as the name suggests, is a secure way to connect to a network or computer located elsewhere, i.e., at home. Simply put, Remote access to pc solutions enables authorized users to access remote devices from remote locations. It is built with the appropriate hardware, software, and network infrastructure.

The remote access solution can also be used by the technical support staff to connect to the employee’s remote computers and address system problems without having to touch the afflicted device directly. Small businesses are using these solutions to elevate their work-from-home productivity and yield revenue.

Features to Lookout for In Secure Remote Access Solution for Small Businesses

When finding the ideal remote PC access solution for your business, it is important to look out for the right features if you are to get the best services. Some of the best features of a secure remote access solution for small businesses include:

Unattended Remote PC Access

Good remote access solutions for small businesses should provide reliable unattended desktop access services whenever you want. This means you can conveniently install the software, access the computer, and manage them to meet your needs.

With such a system, you can access remote computers from any device, add many accounts, access the computer concurrently with different accounts, allow installation via email link, manage computers, and group them as per your preferences. This feature ensures reliable, unlimited, and convenient access to remote computers and authorized connected devices.

Remote Management & Monitoring For IT

A secure remote access solution for small businesses should provide suitable remote management and monitoring for IT. This means that the IT functionalities like remote reboot, sleep, restart, sleeping, and multi-user access must be provided.

Good remote access to PC solutions allows users to reboot remotely, receive an email alert for CPU, RAM, servers, and other components, perform bulk actions on multiple computers, and manage multiple user access to a computer. In a nutshell, you can conveniently manage IT functions on your end without disrupting other users.

Remote Security & Logging

Remote security and logging guarantees safe and authorized access to the computer. Without security and logging features, unauthorized users can access and fetch sensitive information from the computer/network.

A good remote to pc solution ensures secure remote access for everyone. This is achieved through features like two-factor authentication, strong remote access encryption technologies, user connection and action logs, stacked login security, and compliance with industry security standards.

Why Choose RemoteToPC?

RemoteToPC essentially ticks all the boxes of a secure remote access solution for small businesses. This software provides nearly all the features you would demand from a modern remote access solution for all types and sizes of businesses. No wonder it streamlines remote computer access for home, business, and IT.

RemoteToPC Command Center

This tool provides a reliable and convenient way to access your PC remotely. Users can easily create unlimited accounts, install them via email or in a domain, manage multiple users simultaneously, transfer files remotely, and easily print files from their devices.

RemoteToPC also provides built-in monitoring, alerts, and management functions for IT services like safe-mode reboot, sleep, restart, wake-on-LAN, and bulk actions. You also get the status of components like servers, CPU, RAM, and Drives.

Furthermore, RemoteToPC provides top-grade security and logging features. Thanks to the two-factor authentication, downloadable action logs, user connections, AEDA encryption, and stacked login security. With such security features, you can comfortably implement the work-from-home model without fearing losing sensitive information to unauthorized people.

The list of features is incredible. With these amazing features, ease of use, availability of affordable pricing plans, and flexibility, RemoteToPC is one of the best remote access solutions for small businesses.

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, it is essential to find the right remote access tool to facilitate collaboration and troubleshooting capabilities for your business. The key is to look into features and pick the ideal secure remote access solution. This is where RemoteToPC excels as one of the best remote access solutions you can invest in for your small businesses. You can try it to get first-hand experience with the benefits of the tool to your business.


Signs Your Business Needs Remote Monitoring and Management

In the wake of the recent pandemic, there have been significant shifts and changes in various sectors. Most businesses rely on new working models, i.e., remote and hybrid models. Indeed, it improves the company’s efficiency but raises concerns about employee management and network monitoring. 

This is where critical tools like RMM solutions come in handy. Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is a technology serving Managed Service Providers (MSPs) owing to the incredible benefits it offers its clients. These perks include the likes of automation, compliance, and security features.

What Is RMM? 

To understand what Remote Monitoring and Management is, it would be best to break it down into its parts-remote monitoring and remote management. Remote management involves supervising work-from-home employees using remote access technology. Essentially, it is all about using the right tools to help control and take care of all activities on a workstation, server, client endpoint, or systems/networks from a remote location.

Remote monitoring, on the other hand, encompasses all the specifications that make it possible for managed Service Providers to track and monitor network operation activities for their clients through remote devices like probes and monitors. The result is efficient network infrastructure control.

Remote monitoring and management, as a whole, strives to help Managed IT Service Providers to monitor networks and client endpoints remotely. It can also be referred to as remote network management or IT management.

How Does RMM Tool Work?

RMM software products provide several tools aimed at allowing IT service companies to stay on top of their clients’ desktops, servers, applications, and IT systems. A good example is RemoteToPC, an RMM tool that delivers remote monitoring and alerts for the core system metrics like CPU, RAM, and the C-Drive. The tools also allow you to keep an eye on those critical servers or workstations that need to be up and online all the time. Suppose any of the system metrics go beyond a threshold or, say; the heartbeat-monitored system goes offline. In that case, a text message or email alert will be sent to the designated IT person for a rapid response.


RMM Tools

These tools offer the right performance data and other reports that service technicians can go through. Aside from client endpoint device monitoring, RMM also allows service providers to execute management tasks like update and service configurations and patch management. And the best thing about it is that all these functions can be monitored remotely!

Let us get to the nitty-gritty of how exactly RMM tools work:

Remote Monitoring and Management are possible when a footprint called an agent is installed on a client’s server, workstation, mobile device, or endpoint. The agent divulges information about the status and machine health to the Managed Service Provider. Using the agent, a Managed Service Provider is able to get incredible insight into the client network. That way, they can maintain and update machines and be on top of any issues in real-time. An MSP can also attend to any problems that arise remotely. There is no need to go to the client’s premises physically!

If there are any troubles on a machine under an agent’s radar, the agent creates and sends an alert/ticket to the Managed Service Provider. The company will then take the necessary steps to resolve the problem. A ticket will be categorized depending on the problem type and severity of the problem. That way, the business will know the critical issues to prioritize. RMM tools can be so effective that an MSP may get to an issue before the client realizes there is one.

With RMM tools and technology, an IT service provider can take up more clients- and do so efficiently. An MSP can send tasks to many machines simultaneously when doing routine maintenance from a single location. They can deliver patches, do updates and administer patches seamlessly because all of it can be done from one unified dashboard.

Signs You Need RMM?

Granted, Remote Monitoring and Management tools are incredible and all. But how do you know if it is the solution your MSP enterprise needs? You should consider getting on the RMM if interested in solutions such as:

Real-Time Monitoring And Alerts Management

Alert management is crucial for MSPs that want to be on top of their client needs. RMM tools look for any issues in the network, and if they find any, they send alerts to your IT team. RMM tools and technology make you more efficient in fixing troubles, seeing that you can set the alert to as many devices as you need.

Automatic alerts will give you an edge and ensure you are steps ahead of any looming incidents before clients start to raise the heat. RMM, with its alerts and monitoring functionality, is your go-to if you need reduced downtime for your clients. RMM tools like RemoteToPC with features like RemoteToPC’s Multi-User Access Computer Management, Wake-on-LAN, Safe-mode Reboot, and Bulk option make the real-time monitoring more seamless.

Reporting And Analytics 

RMM tools often come with reporting functionalities. These reports are crucial for helping Managed Service Providers to understand data trends that will help them perform their functions better.

Reporting tools will help you as an MSP know aspects that need special attention, allowing you to make better decisions. It helps that RMM systems can gather the data from IT systems and translate it into an analytical report. That makes it easier to make informed decisions.

Furthermore, the reports act as a great resource in measuring your business growth since you can keep track of data-driven goals. It is also easier to get more clients and grow the profitability of your business when you have solid reports and analytics to prove that you are worth the hype.

Automation And Scripting

RMM tools stay on top of business-owned devices and are able to automate maintenance tasks. Its automation benefits allow you to free up time for other critical issues. Some of the functions that RMM software can automate are running scripts, doing disk checks, rebooting devices, deleting temporary files, and creating a system for restoring points.

What Are the Benefits Of RMM?

Here are some of the benefits of RMM for MSPs and enterprises:

Remote Access

RMM tools like RemoteToPC allow Managed Service providers the superpower that is controlling and monitoring several devices from a remote location. An MSP can tackle issues and fix the networks of various clients without ever leaving their remote workstations. Also, remote monitoring and management tools offer real-time monitoring that is essential for managing networks.

Remote Access

Improved Services

Downtimes can be a pain- an incredibly costly one. It is a bummer that system failure can make downtime unavoidable. Any opportunity to minimize or avoid downtime is good news to MSPs and clients. Fortunately, RMM tools make it possible for businesses to monitor networks proactively. An MSP will be on top of any potential issues in real-time- thanks to the alerts, leading to improved services and reduced downtime.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Customers need assurance that a professional is in charge of their networks. They have better confidence when they know there is proactive monitoring by the Managed Service Provider they have trusted their network with.

RMM tools bolster that trust and improve customer satisfaction. Customer confidence increases when they know there is a constant eye on their sensitive and sometimes vulnerable systems. They know that they can count on you to keep their network running at its peak.

Save Time

RMM tools allow system administrators to reach their clients and solve their issues quickly. Since all this can happen remotely, there are considerable time savings, especially because there is zero need for frequent on-site visits.

Moreover, there are reduced device downtimes considering that the RMM tool can notify the service provider of potential issues ailing a network. That further saves time that would have gone to manual system scanning.

Enhances Productivity

RMM offers incredible backup to Managed Service Providers. The tools take care of client infrastructure, leaving more time in the hands of MSPs. That allows a service provider to focus on other ways of improving their services which, in turn, leads to better services and enhanced productivity.


Success as Managed Service Provider or any business depends on how effectively you can serve your clients. The beauty is that new technology can help you make a lot of work easier. Remote Monitoring and Management tools like RemoteToPC offer incredible benefits and functionalities that will make things easier for MSPs and clients.

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