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  • 10 Remote Computers
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • Multi-to-Multi Monitors
  • Remote Printing & File Transfer
  • Unlimited Remote Sessions
  • Great for Personal Use or Accessing office PCs


$ 199 YEARLY
  • 20 Remote Computers
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • Multi-to-Multi Monitors
  • Remote Printing & File Transfer
  • Unlimited Remote Sessions
  • Great for Small Offices or Accessing PCs From Home


$ 299 YEARLY
  • 50 Remote Computers
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • Multi-to-Multi Monitors
  • Remote Printing & File Transfer
  • Unlimited Remote Sessions
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Great for Teams, & Whole Office Remote Access


$ 399+ YEARLY

For questions or information about remote access and plans of more than 5000 computers, please contact our Sales team!

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Which remote access application subscription plan is right for me?

Basic and Business plans provide a single login account, but unlimited logins with that account, and unlimited concurrent remote sessions to either 10 or 20 computers.

TEAMS gives users the same basic set of remote application access capibilities as our Basic and Business plans but with up to 50 remote computers and unlimited login accounts. This is great for an office that needs to provide individual office users thier own private Command Center and exclusive access to a single or group of computers.

Enterprise plans come with our full feature set, and most importantly with Monitoring and Management that allows you to setup and manage whole teams of users assigned to be able to remote into only the computers you allow them to, as well as monitoring, alerts, computer grouping, bulk actions, and other management features. Enterprise plans start at up to 100 remote computers with the Enterprise 1 plan and go up into the thousands.

Basic and Business plans are our most affordable, but our Enterprise 1 plan is our most popular remote access plan, mainly because of the ability to manage, control, and group user accounts and computers. IT people prefer it because of that and extra functions like remote rebooting, or rebooting into safe mode, along with remote monitoring and alerts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It enables users to connect to and control a computer from a different location using another device. It is useful for accessing files, running applications, and providing technical support remotely. This tool is essential for businesses, IT professionals, and individuals who need to manage computers without being physically present.

All plans offer unlimited remote sessions, allowing you to connect to multiple computers at the same time. We the number of simultaneous connections are only based on the total number of remote computers in each subscription plan.

Yes, they are crucial for businesses, especially those handling sensitive information or operating in regulated industries. They help protect against cyber threats, ensure compliance with data protection regulations, and provide peace of mind that remote connections are safe and reliable.
The limit depends on your subscription plan: Basic (10 computers), Business (20 computers), Teams (50 computers), and Enterprise (100+ computers).

Yes, you can upgrade it at any time. If your needs grow, you can switch to a higher-tier plan that offers more remote computers, user accounts, and additional features like advanced monitoring and management. Upgrading your plan includes what you’ve already paid in the cost of the upgraded subscription. You can upgrade your subscription under User Account Settings on the top bar of your Command Center.

It is compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems. Ensure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for the best performance.
Yes, RemoteToPC allows you to customize security settings such as login credentials, session timeout, and access permissions to suit your security needs.
Setting up RemoteToPC is simple. Download the application, install it on your computer, and follow the on-screen instructions to configure remote access.
It provides numerous advantages such as:
1. Convenience: Access your PC from anywhere, at any time.
2. Productivity: Work on important files and applications without being physically present.
3. Support: IT professionals can troubleshoot issues remotely, reducing downtime.
4. Collaboration: Share screens for collaborative work or presentations.
5. Security: Maintain secure connections with encryption and access controls.
6. Cost-effective: Save costs on travel and reduce the need for physical presence.
7. Flexibility: Enable flexible working arrangements and enhance work-life balance.
It provides more comprehensive features such as multi-multi monitor support, unlimited remote sessions, and extensive management tools. Additionally, RemoteToPC offers robust security measures and 24/7 customer support, making it a superior choice for businesses needing reliable and secure remote access.