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Remote PC Access

Access your office PC from home or provide remote IT support and remote IT management.

Remote computer access for home, office, or for remote IT support, with unattended remote access & built-in remote support tools for fast PC connections.

remote PC access

Remote Computer Access Software

At RemoteToPC we created remote access software with advanced user management features for Enterprise and IT remote support customers. Our basic and business plans provide affordable and easy to use remote computer access for  everyone.  All Teams and Enterprise level plans also have user management so IT staff members can be given specific group and computer access and companies can give remote employees access to their office PC or Mac from  home or when they’re away from the office.

Our remote work tools offer advanced features like: remote-printing, multi-to-multi pop-out screens, drag-&-drop file copy, chat. All of which give IT people powerful remote support software, and anyone access to work on a remote PC or Mac as if they’re right in front of it.  Try us out, risk free for 14 days. 


  • 10 Remote Computers
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • Multi-to-Multi Monitors
  • Remote Printing & File Transfer
  • Unlimited Remote Sessions
  • Great for Personal Use or Accessing Office PCs


$ 199 YEARLY
  • 20 Remote Computers
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • Multi-to-Multi Monitors
  • Remote Printing & File Transfer
  • Unlimited Remote Sessions
  • Great for Small offices or Accessing PCs From Home


$ 299 YEARLY
  • 50 Remote Computers
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • Multi-to-Multi Monitors
  • Remote Printing & File Transfer
  • Unlimited Remote Sessions
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Great for Teams, & Whole Office Remote Access


$ 399+ YEARLY
Business Remote Access

Home & Business Remote Access

Just install RemoteToPC on an office PC and work on it from your home PC, or access your home PC remotely. Our Basic plan includes unlimited remote computer access to up to 10 remote PCs or Macs for just $99/yr . It’s the best remote PC access solution for personal & small office use. Securely access your PC from home, provide remote computer support to a friend or family member, do remote training, or get fast and secure remote access to a PC from anywhere you have internet access. The Business level subscription offers you up to 20 remote computers for $199/yr.

Teams & Enterprise plans for Corporate & IT Remote Access

Choose RemoteToPC’s Teams for multiple user access, or Enterprise level remote support software including, mornitoring, alerts, management features, computer grouping, and ‘User Management’ for unlimited additional user accounts. Both Teams and Enterprise plans allow you to provide everyone in your office secure remote access with separate remote login accounts, including features like remote printing and pop-out multi-monitors (dual-monitor remote access). Enterprise plans provide unattended remote computer access for 100+ computers, and you get monitoring and managemnt features. IT people can provide secure remote support and remote PC management, PC health monitoring & alerts. A great way for IT administrators, MSPs and computer consultants to to remotely manage and support PCs they are responsable for.

IT Remote Access

Easy to install & Use

Zero-configuration installation. Access to another computer across the internet. Access your PC or Mac from Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone or Android phones.

Secure & Fast

EV-SSL & 256-Bit +Poly-1305 AEAD P2P encrypted tunneling, for fast & secure remote login to PCs, double-password protection, plus 2-factor authentication web login.

System Info & Remote Tasks

Remotely monitor the health and other info on a PC. Perform a remote reboot, remote reboot into safe mode, remotely wake a sleeping computer up and more.

Remote Computer Access

All our plans include always on, unattended remote computer access with features like file transfer, remote printing and multi-to-multi individual pop-out monitors.

Private Command Center

Web portal to add & group computers, monitor workstations & servers, add & manage additional users, perform remote tasks, or provide remote computer support.

Monitoring & Alerts

When a CPU, RAM, or DISK starts to get maxed out, or a server goes down RemoteToPC sends you email alerts.

User Reviews

remote computer viewer

"My go to remote computer viewer"

I use RemoteToPC daily. I work in one place and have to do tasks such as remote printing where I need access to an offsite computer. It is easy to work remotely, even with memory heavy apps like Photoshop. Lag is at a minimum. I also like being able to move files between computers, it's faster than moving to a cloud storage and then downloading.

work from home

"Works well especially for small companies"

Functionality with reasonable costs make it very usable especially for the end user to work from home.

fast and reliable connections

"Works easily,delivers fast and reliable connections"

After moving 55 machines to RemoteToPC and having a week of everyday remote use with these machines I'm more than delighted with this product/service. It is easy to learn the install options and the operational control panel follows the easy to install with easy and dependable to use.


Reliable Solutions

Remote Access Service For Everyone

Local App

Bypass your browser page and use RemoteToPC locally

Email Installer

Email and install link to a user to host their PC for your access


Downloadable logs of all logins, computer and user account creation or deletion

Remote Printing

Print documents from the host computer to your local printer

Free Tech Support

Enjoy tech support where you’re important to us