Unattended Remote Desktop

Unattended Remote Desktop Software

Remote Desktop Features

Unattended Remote PC Access

Accessing remote desktops on pcs is made simple with our always on, remote computer access software. So, you can access your PC or Mac whenever you want.

Unlimited Concurrent Remote Sessions

We don't limit how many different unattended remote access computers you can connect to at once.

Unlimited Additional Accounts

Add user accounts for the whole office, and assign what remote computers they can get to. With both Teams or Enterprise subscriptions you can add user accounts for everyone in your office, and assign which remote computers they can get to.

Access remote PCs From Any Device

Our Web based viewer and Native Applications allow you to connect to your PC or Mac from any smart-phone, tablet, or operating system.

Email User Link to Share Computers

Email a link to people and have them install RemoteToPC on a computer you want to remotely access.

Batch Multi-System Deployment (domain-only)

Use scripts or an app to install on hundreds of computers in a domain at the same time with a silent install.

Computer Grouping & Search

Assign computers to groups to manage or assign which specific users are able to remotely access them.

Fast peer-to-peer first connections

Over 97% of our remote tunnels are direct P2P, not relayed, for faster, and more secure connections.

Connect to PC or Mac

RemoteToPC installs on Mac or PC computer systems. You can then access those computers from any device, through our native PC app, or through any modern browser.

Multi-User Management

Assign users to access only specific remote computers, groups, or the ability to add more remote computers. With Teams or Enterprise plans you can assign users to access only specific remote computers, groups, or the ability to add more remote computers.

In Session Remote Features

Multi-to-Multi Monitor Pop-out screens

Dual-monitor remote access (or as many monitors as you need) is no problem with pop-out remote screens.

Remote File Transfer

Easely transfer your files between remote PCs

Remote Printing

Print documents from your remote PC to a printer on your local PC.

Block Remote Mouse/Keyboard

Block the remote users input so you can "take over" that PC without interruption.


Have a chat with the person on the remote computer that you connect to.

Drag and Drop File Copy

Drag-and-drop file copy between either the host or viewer computer

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Reliable Unattended Solutions

Unattended Remote Desktop Access Service For Everyone

Local App

Bypass your browser page and use RemoteToPC locally

Email Installer

Email and install link to a user to host their PC for your access


Downloadable logs of all logins, computer and user account creation or deletion

Remote Printing

Print documents from the host computer to your local printer

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