LogMeIn Review

RemoteToPC vs LogMeIn pricing

RemoteToPC Vs LogMeIn pricing

 RemoteToPC is the best LogMeIn alternative, and much less expensive than LogMeIn, offers more security options, and a better bang for the buck.

Why RemoteToPC is better: RemoteToPC LogMeln
Pricing RemoteToPC BASIC Plan for 10 computers $99/yr BUSINESS Plan for 20 computers $179/yr LogMeIn Pro pricing $360.00/yr for 2 computers, POWER USERS Plan $840.00/yr for 5 computers, SMALL BUSINESS Plan $1548.00/yr for 10 computers
Encryption Remote Access is secure with TLS v 1.2 / AES-256 encryption Supports 256-bit SSL-encrypted connection

A review of LogMeIn Central plans shows that they upsell for many of the features provided in the standard RemoteToPC Enterprise plan.