Splashtop Alternative

RemoteToPC vs Splashtop

RemoteToPC as a Splashtop Alternative

Splashtop review: RemoteToPC gives you way more features for the price than Splashtop does making it a great Splashtop alternative. Other Splashtop Alternatives are often priced the same or even more. 

Why RemoteToPC is better: RemoteToPC Splashtop
Pricing RemoteToPC Enterprise 1, 100 computer Plan $399/yr Splashtop REMOTE SUPPORT PLUS 100 computer Plan $549/yr REMOTE SUPPORT PREMIUM 100 computer Plan $959/yr
Encryption Remote Access is secure with TLS v 1.2 / 256-AES + Poly 1305 AEAD Cryptography encryption 256-bit SSL-encrypted connection

If you use Splashtop with your RMM, you’ll need to purchase another level of service to view more than a single monitor.