LogMeIn alternative 2017 – LogMeIn raises prices again

LogMeIn Price increase. Why RemoteToPC is the right LogMeIn alternative for 2017: 

Many people in the IT community have been waiting for this. Even some LogMeIn competitors didn’t believe they would do it again, yet they did. Yet again in January of 2017 they raised LogMeIn Central prices. This makes RemoteToPC an even more attractive LogMeIn alternative in 2017, as our pricing is considerably less than those for LogMeIn Central, or Pro. 

An example of LogMeIn price increases using a 100 computer plan:Logmein Pricing

For example: LMI Central 100 computer Basic was $699, now it’s $899 Plus was $1499, now it’s $1999. Premier was $2999, and now its $3499

We thought LogMeIn pricing was too high back in 2015-16. This new level in 2017 is may help drive up their stock value for their shareholders, and help pay off their $1.8B acquisition of GoToMyPC from Citrix. It seems clear however that small computer consulting companies, and MSPs are the ones taking the hit for all that. With their purchase of GoToMyPC, they will be grossing over $1B per year, making them the 800 pound gorilla in the room compared to all of the other remote access solutions out there.

RemoteToPC vs LogMeIn from a price standpoint is a hands down win for RemoteToPC. RemoteToPC pricing for the 100 computer plan  is currently $299. While we don’t offer every feature that LMI does, as of this publication we do provide:   

Unattended Remote Desktop Access , Computer Health Monitoring , a Private Command Center , File Transfer Capability , Multi-Monitor Capable , Multiple Simultaneous Sessions ,  Critical System Alerts . Deployment Links you can Email , Wake-on-LAN, Multi-System Deployment Capability , Computer Grouping & Search , Remote Reboot , Safe-mode Reboot , a System Heartbeat Monitor , a Local Desktop Application , and User Management (Enterprise only)

remote desktop access  RemoteToPC pricing is extremely competitive even when compared to the LogMeIn Central Basic plan, however some of the RemoteToPC features are only found in the even more expensive LogMeIn central Plus and Premier plan. For example the ability to copy files is only available starting in their Plus plan. Features like Monitoring and Alerts are found in their Premier plan.  People who have a LogMeIn-Pro subscription for small numbers of computers will find the pricing of our smallest plan at $99 will cover them for up to 10 remote systems for a year. 

While LogMeIn stock is near an all-time high, it is unclear where they intend that these increases in price will stop. The addition of the GoToMyPC remote access customer base is sure to keep the annual gross earnings over 1 billion, and they may have factored in the loss of some LMI customers, who move on to LogMeIn alternatives due to this increase. LogMeIn pricingThey could potentially show a huge gain for shareholders this year even with the loss of 20-25% of their LMI business. While it might not make much sense from the standpoint of keeping their remote access customer base happy, it makes sense that their shareholders would be extremely happy in that situation.

From their annual revenue growth in profits since they started raising prices back in January of 2014, raising the LogMeIn price has been nothing but rewarding to them. As long as they are continually rewarded for it, it is likely that they will continue to do so. It seems however that at some point they will reach the tipping point where those who buy a LogMeIn-Pro, or LogMeIn Central subscription will simply say “no more”.  Many have already done so, and we expect more to do so as time goes on. RemoteToPC plans on being here to provide a more affordable alternative with an ever increasing feature set. 


LogMeIn Feature & Pricing Comparison

Remote Accessxxxx
User Managementxxxx
Computer Grouping
Computer Search
Online/Offline Status
256-bit SSL Encryption
Desktop Application
Mobile Application
Network Configuration Management
Mass Delete
Custom Fields
Multi-Monitor Support
Ad Hoc Support
File Transfer
Background Access
HD Remote Access
Remote Print
Remote Sound
Host Preference Packages
One2Many (Automated Task Management)
Alerts and Monitoring
Anti-virus Management
Windows Updates
Ticketing Integration
Computer Inventory
Advanced Reports and Analysis
Self-Healing Alerts
Mobile Access to Alerts
Premium Customer Support
Remote Reboot
Safe Mode Reboot
WakeUp OnLan
Per 10 Computers
Per 20 Computers
Per 25 Computers
Per 100 Computers
Per 250 Computers
Per 500 Computers
Per 1000 Computers
LogMeIn & RemoteToPC prices as of 1/15/17

LogMeIn Central Alternative

LogMeIn Central Alternative | LogMeIn Vs RemoteToPC

Is RemoteToPC a good LogMeIn Central alternative ?

All over the internet, you can see articles geared at people looking for alternatives to LogMeIn Central, and their suggestions are always the same old products like Teamviewer, Bomgar, ScreenConnect, Splashtop, etc… If an IT person is just looking for a remote connection client with competitive pricing, then those are valid alternatives, and some may claim that they are better than logmein, but none of them are a true LogMeIn Central alternative.  Here’s why: LogMeIn central pricingBecause  central  comes in 3 different tiers of service with varying levels of features:  Central Basic, Plus and Premier. The Basic plan only offers a more basic set of features with an online Command Center. You have to select the Plus version (for more money) if you want the ability to copy files between PCs, and finally if you want any kind of Monitoring and Alerts, you must purchase Central Premier (for a lot more money!)

As IT people ourselves, and from some of the feedback we have had from customers, the ability to copy a file from one computer to another can be a critical need. For LogMeIn, they charge twice the money for this feature. When they first implemented their new pricing, it was file copying, and multi-monitor access that they used to force users up to their Plus plan. This was apparently too much for too many Basic plan customers, and they soon offered the multi-monitor feature back in their Basic plan, while leaving the ability to remotely copy a file in their Plus plan. LogMeIn’s Premier plan has robust monitoring and alerts for proactive monitoring of computer systems, but at more than 4 times the cost of their basic plan.

At the time this is being written, LogMein Central Pricing for 100 computers is: $699 a year for Basic, $1499 a year for Plus, and $2999 a year for Premier.

We built RemoteToPC as a low cost alternative that has many of the same Central features, but have deliberately modeled our pricing to beat out their lowest price, while also offering key features that they feature in their higher level plans. RemoteToPC has a Command Center and Remote Desktop Access similar to LogMeIn Basic, File Copy similar to LogMeIn Plus, and we even offer basic Alerts and Monitoring similar to LogMeIn Premier.  All currently at $299 a year for a 100 system plan.

All of our Enterprise level plans include these features that Central plans do: Remote Access, User Management, Computer Grouping, Deployment, Computer Search, Online/Offline Status, 256-Bit SSL Encryption, Multi-Monitor Support, File Transfer, Alerts and Monitoring, Mobile Access to Alerts, Wake-On-Lan, Local Client Application, Remote Reboot, Safe-mode Reboot, and Premium Customer Support.

For the features we offer, we don’t think anyone can touch our pricing. We think that RemoteToPC is a new kind of product. One designed to give you the best experience by merging the core features of advanced RMM tools with a basic remote access client, and that’s priced at a very low cost.  We don’t think the cost of IT tools should be punitive. We know what IT people want, and need, because RemoteToPC is built by IT people for IT people!

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remote desktop access

Teamviewer Pricing – cost vs features

teamviewer pricingTeamViewer cost vs features, is TeamViewer pricing really one and done?

  • Is a TeamViewer license really a one time purchase? How much does TeamViewer cost and is there a better model? 

    Most people assume that a Teamviewer license is a one-time purchase, because you get unending rights to the application and unlimited endpoints, but that doesn’t reflect the true Teamviewer cost over time. Factored into their pricing model is something that many people who’ve purchased one of those licenses have pointed out. That Teamviewer often upgrades their product, without warning, and certain features break, or don’t keep up with current operating systems out in the world. So you might want to consider Team Viewer upgrades into your decision process.  Some of our customers have even complained about TeamViewer upgrading all of their endpoints automatically without their knowledge, and then requiring an upgrade payment after an evaluation period. You might want to make a note that the upgrade pricing might be a total surprise to you. TeamViewer pricing is an issue where we think you could do better.

  • TeamViewer pricing considering its limited concurrent sessions

    Another thing to consider with Team viewer pricing is how many concurrent remote sessions you need to have going at once time. Even if you are just a one person IT shop you might need to connect to several different computers or customers at the same time. Team Viewer’s Business plan (currently at $849) only gives you a “single-user” license. The Team Viewer website says “A single-user license permits connections from up to 3 devices”

  • At $2799 the TeamViewer cost for the corporate plan is their best bang for the buck

    Things do get a little better if you purchase the “Premium” plan (currently $1689). You can add additional concurrent user licenses for only another $999 each.  However you might just want to go ahead and jump up to their corporate license (currently $2799) where you start out with the ability to have 3 concurrent connections.

RemoteToPC is a better TeamViewer Alternative: 

  • RemoteToPC has unlimited concurrent remote sessions
    RemoteToPC does not limit how many concurrent sessions you can start up. So if you have 3 people working in an IT shop, each support person can open as many concurrent sessions as necessary to do their job.
  • Teamviewer cost more
    The annual pricing for unlimited sessions cost much more than RemoteToPC in the average situation.
  • RemoteToPC offers mass deployment capability in all plans 
    As far as mass deployments of endpoints, they only offer that feature in their most expensive “Corporate” plan. RemoteToPC offers MSI deployment files with every plan. So applications like the free PDQ Deploy can deploy all of your endpoints in an entire domain all at once.
  • For tech support, RemoteToPC is strong TeamViewer alternative
    With RemoteToPC you can inform your customers that all of their computers are being actively monitored by you. This gives them a peace of mind, and it gives you an advantage over other IT companies. RemoteToPC is easy to install and gives you a complete monitoring, alerts and remote access solution. This is why for tech support, RemoteToPC is a great TeamViewer alternative.

How does TeamViewer pricing and features compare with RemoteToPC’s pricing and features?
The first thing to note is that RemoteToPC is more than just a remote connectivity product like Team Viewer. For IT people RemoteToPC is a better TeamViewer alternative because of additional features for tech support like Remote Monitoring + Alerts. These monitoring features mean that RemoteToPC is a more complete remote support tool, and because there is some cost in server processing, we sell RemoteToPC as annual plan, but at a much lower price than TeamViewer.  They try to be all things to all people, and with RemoteToPC you get a product specifically crafted to IT support.

Apart from allthat, we’ve never been hacked. TeamViewer was, which is a well documented event on the internet, and is something we mention here in our article: TeamViewer Hacked, is it worth the cost?


RemoteToPC vs RemotePC – Remote Desktop Access comparison


RemotePC review of feature differences:

While these two remote desktop access applications might have similar names they are actually very different. For one thing Remote PC is not specifically designed to be a remote support application. It does include features like in session monitoring, and comes with a MAC client, and there’s an Android app at an additional cost.  There are other features like remote printing and sound, and there is a built in chat client.  From other reviews it’s not considered one of the fastest remote access applications out there, but it it’s not far off from RemoteToPC performance wise.

The most distinguishing differences that RemoteToPC has from RemotePC is that of the monitoring, alerts and remote remediation capabilities. RemoteToPC includes monitoring of core system metrics such as CPU, DISK, and RAM. There are also features like a remote reboot, and heartbeat monitoring for servers. Therefore RemoteToPC is designed more specifically as a remote support application. RemotePC might be used for remote support, and RemoteToPC might be used by someone who just wants to gain remote access to a computer to do work from home, but the feature set offered by both products is clearly one where RemotePC is more of a generic remote desktop access application, and RemoteToPC has remote desktop access, as well as features specific to a remote support application.

Remote PC price:

The price of iDrive RemotePC is significantly higher than RemoteToPC.  They appear to target the smallest market segment, and only have advertised plans that go up to 100 computers. RemotePC’s pricing for 100 unattended access PC’s is currently $499.75. When compared to RemoteToPC’s current $299 pricing for access of up to 100 unattended access computers, RemotePC’s cost is 50% higher.

RemotePC does offer to add additional computers in addition to the 100 offered in its highest level plan at a rate of an additional $3 per month per computer.  That would be $5899.75 for a 250 computer plan, vs RemoteToPCs  $599 for the same plan. That is a 10X increase in cost, and the differences only get more extreme attempting to match up with RemoteToPC’s higher level plans. RemotePC’s pricing for 10 computers is their best seller at $49.75 for the first year. This is clearly their target market.

Other RemoteToPC vs RemotePC differences:

While not usually a factor in products, in the case of RemotePC, the specifics about their corporation is worth noting. They are actually a spin off product by the makers of IDrive, the popular remote backup software application.  They have offices in both India and California. RemoteToPC is a small startup created in Fort Worth Texas in 2014, and launched to the public in February of 2016. While it’s not clear what IDrive’s markers plan to do with RemotePC as a product, RemoteToPC clearly intends on adding additional features to assist small IT companies as their remote support application, all the way up to Enterprise level customers.


RemotePC’s strengths are its low cost for remote desktop access to 10 and under computers, and its alternative platform capabilities. RemoteToPC is a much better solution as a full remote support application.

TeamViewer Hacked, is it worth the cost?

Teamviewer price

I have seen two articles about some of our larger competitors in the past week. One about the TeamViewer hack and one about LogMeIn. The first was an article about how users were upset with LogMeIn price bumps. I have seen articles and users continually upset about that since they first started charging for LogMeIn back in January of 2014. In fact I was one of the users that was upset about the lack of a good and affordable alternative to LogMeIn back then, and that was one of the catalysts that drove the creation of RemoteToPC. That and the question that no one would answer, was Teamviewer now charging for upgrades? 

This latest article that I read, it was not so much about how LogMeIn had continually bumped up prices, but how users were surprised by the charging of their credit cards without warning.  When they first started raising prices, they often offered users a discount on the new pricing, but now it seems that they just charge them the new higher price with no warning at all. One user complained that because he was using it for 700 devices, his pricing went from $299 per year to $14,999 per year. That drove him away from LogMeIn to TeamViewer.  His price with RemoteToPC would be $1999 per year, and he could add up to 1000 computers at that price level.

For all of the disgruntled LogMeIn users, it’s not as if TeamViewer users are happy. Teamviewer pricing is based on a large upfront cost that many might feel was a bad investment because according to articles and lot’s of blog chatter, TeamVeiwer was recently hacked. Because of this allegedly massive TeamViewer hack, (A point finally conceded by Teamviewer here:  Admission of Hack)  many companies that had been using TeamViewer are scrambling to find another more secure product among Teamviewer competitors. I was contacted by one IT company in Spain that was looking to leave TeamViewer for that very reason, and articles are all over the internet, and sites like Reddit. (see: Teamviewer alternative Reddit) Others have also commented on the fact that TeamViewer has a nasty habit of unexpectedly requiring mandatory upgrades of customers who have already bought the product, raising the question how much does Teamviewer really cost them over time? Teamviewer should allow users to turn off automated updates of installed client host software, but I would suspect that this regular windfall of new cash for upgrades is built into thier pricing model. 

Ultimately, I really don’t consider TeamViewer an apples to apples comparison to what we offer with RemoteToPC, because TeamViewer does not offer any sort of system monitoring or alerts the way we do. I would categorise TeamViewer as more of a generic remote access application. Although we have some customers that use RemoteToPC to just access their work PCs from home, RemoteToPC was designed specifically for IT people, and so that’s why every install also includes system health monitoring. We could have designed a more generic product, but as our tag line says, RemoteToPC is designed by IT people for IT people. So what that means is that from our perspective any new RemoteToPC features will always have the IT person in mind.