LogMeIn alternative 2017 – LogMeIn raises prices again

LogMeIn Price increase. Why RemoteToPC is the right LogMeIn alternative for 2017:  Many people in the IT community have been waiting for this. Even some LogMeIn competitors didn’t believe they would do it again, yet they did. Yet again in January of 2017 they raised LogMeIn Central prices. This makes RemoteToPC an even more attractive LogMeIn […]

LogMeIn Central Alternative | LogMeIn Vs RemoteToPC

Is RemoteToPC a good LogMeIn Central alternative ? All over the internet, you can see articles geared at people looking for alternatives to LogMeIn Central, and their suggestions are always the same old products like Teamviewer, Bomgar, ScreenConnect, Splashtop, etc… If an IT person is just looking for a remote connection client with competitive pricing, […]

Teamviewer Pricing – cost vs features

TeamViewer cost vs features, is TeamViewer pricing really one and done? Is a TeamViewer license really a one time purchase? How much does TeamViewer cost and is there a better model?  Most people assume that a Teamviewer license is a one-time purchase, because you get unending rights to the application and unlimited endpoints, but that doesn’t […]

RemoteToPC vs RemotePC – Remote Desktop Access comparison

 REMOTEPC vs REMOTE TO PC REVIEW RemotePC review of feature differences: While these two remote desktop access applications might have similar names they are actually very different. For one thing Remote PC is not specifically designed to be a remote support application. It does include features like in session monitoring, and comes with a MAC […]

TeamViewer Hacked, is it worth the cost?

I have seen two articles about some of our larger competitors in the past week. One about the TeamViewer hack and one about LogMeIn. The first was an article about how users were upset with LogMeIn price bumps. I have seen articles and users continually upset about that since they first started charging for LogMeIn […]