RemoteToPC vs RemotePC – Remote Desktop Access comparison


RemotePC review of feature differences:

While these two remote desktop access applications might have similar names they are actually very different. For one thing Remote PC is not specifically designed to be a remote support application. It does include features like in session monitoring, and comes with a MAC client, and there’s an Android app at an additional cost.  There are other features like remote printing and sound, and there is a built in chat client.  From other reviews it’s not considered one of the fastest remote access applications out there, but it it’s not far off from RemoteToPC performance wise.

The most distinguishing differences that RemoteToPC has from RemotePC is that of the monitoring, alerts and remote remediation capabilities. RemoteToPC includes monitoring of core system metrics such as CPU, DISK, and RAM. There are also features like a remote reboot, and heartbeat monitoring for servers. Therefore RemoteToPC is designed more specifically as a remote support application. RemotePC might be used for remote support, and RemoteToPC might be used by someone who just wants to gain remote access to a computer to do work from home, but the feature set offered by both products is clearly one where RemotePC is more of a generic remote desktop access application, and RemoteToPC has remote desktop access, as well as features specific to a remote support application.

Remote PC price:

The price of iDrive RemotePC is significantly higher than RemoteToPC.  They appear to target the smallest market segment, and only have advertised plans that go up to 100 computers. RemotePC’s pricing for 100 unattended access PC’s is currently $499.75. When compared to RemoteToPC’s current $299 pricing for access of up to 100 unattended access computers, RemotePC’s cost is 50% higher.

RemotePC does offer to add additional computers in addition to the 100 offered in its highest level plan at a rate of an additional $3 per month per computer.  That would be $5899.75 for a 250 computer plan, vs RemoteToPCs  $599 for the same plan. That is a 10X increase in cost, and the differences only get more extreme attempting to match up with RemoteToPC’s higher level plans. RemotePC’s pricing for 10 computers is their best seller at $49.75 for the first year. This is clearly their target market.

Other RemoteToPC vs RemotePC differences:

While not usually a factor in products, in the case of RemotePC, the specifics about their corporation is worth noting. They are actually a spin off product by the makers of IDrive, the popular remote backup software application.  They have offices in both India and California. RemoteToPC is a small startup created in Fort Worth Texas in 2014, and launched to the public in February of 2016. While it’s not clear what IDrive’s markers plan to do with RemotePC as a product, RemoteToPC clearly intends on adding additional features to assist small IT companies as their remote support application, all the way up to Enterprise level customers.


RemotePC’s strengths are its low cost for remote desktop access to 10 and under computers, and its alternative platform capabilities. RemoteToPC is a much better solution as a full remote support application.

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