Change access password

Change RemoteToPC Remote access password: In order to change the remote access password on a remote computer, you need access to the desktop of that computer. To change the remote access password on a remote computer, right click on the RemoteToPC blue cloud icon down by the clock on the remote computer. Then select “Change […]

Connection Notification

RemoteToPC Remote Connection Notification Window A remote connection notification can be displayed on the host computer screen when a RemoteToPC connection is made: To enable or disable this feature, right click on the blue RemoteToPC cloud icon down by your clock, enter RemoteToPC Control Panel Select: options, settings and either check or un-check the disable […]

Windows Viewer won’t launch .NET error

In some cases there is a .NET (DOT NET) corruption associated with the RemoteToPC Join app (Windows viewer)  This will fix that problem:  In the following folder C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\RemoteToPC (<UserName> is the currently logged in User)   Delete all the folders in there that start with “RemoteToPC.exe”

Update Join (Viewer) client app

Update Join Client (Viewer) application    RemoteToPC automatically updates Host side software, but you’ll need to update the Join Client (viewer) app manually by clicking on the “Install Join Client” button at the top of your Command Center and completing the installation of it.  Alternatively, if you need to reinstall for any reason, you click […]

Silent uninstall of RemoteToPC host

To uninstall silently run the “uninstall.exe” file with the /S switch.   First change directory in to “C:\Program Files (x86)\RemoteToPC\host”   Then run “.\uninstall.exe /S”   If you set it as a GPO script you should be able to remove Remote To PC from multiple machines.  

Windows XP and 2003 Server

LIMITED SUPPORT OF XP AND 2003 SERVER:  We do not guarantee Windows XP or 2003 Server will work with RemoteToPC, but starting with host version 2.0.7 RemoteToPC has been tested to work with an XP system that had Service pack 3, had .NET 4.0 put on it, and was configured to support use TLS 1.1 […]

Web client problem loading

If you get an error loading the RemoteToPC web client on a PC. Make sure you’re on the login screen and if you are on a PC select a Shift + F5 key combination to refresh your browser. If you are on a Mac, the combination to refresh the browser is as follows: The key […]

Black Screen / Headless Display

PROBLEMS WITH BLACK SCREEN AFTER CONNECTION RemoteToPC on headless systems (systems without a display connected and turned on) : Computer graphics cards are continually sending data to the display. If no display is connected, it’s not turned on, or if it’s a laptop and the lid is closed, Windows bypasses the graphics card. This can […]

DNS Server exclusion

Running RemoteToPC Tunnel on a Domain Controller / DNS Server   To ensure proper binding of outbound ports make sure that dns.exe does not bind to the following ports by excluding them with the following command: dnscmd /config /SocketPoolExcludedPortRanges 60000-60100

Domain Deployment

INSTALLING HOST COMPUTERS IN A DOMAIN 1. Deployment installation – (add a password, or deploy to multiple systems  in  a domain)   The only difference in a Host deployment download and a regular Command Center download is that a deployment file can install silently with no screen feedback, so it can be used with a free application like […]

WOL – Troubleshooting Wake on Lan

WAKE ON LAN (WOL) Minimum Requirements: The computer must be on a wired network. WOL will not work over a WIFI connection.  The BIOS/Hardware of the computer must support WOL There must be another computer on the same network that is turned on and has RemoteToPC on it. In order for WOL to work on […]

Critical System Alert

Sometimes people (especial non-IT users) are alarmed when they get an email alert about a system that RemoteToPC is on, saying that a certain computer has a “Critical” alert.   The reason for alerts is that in addition to Remote Access RemoteToPC provides active monitoring of core system metrics of CPU, RAM, and your C-Drive. If […]

Metrics unknown or wrong values

The performance counters on the machine are returning bogus values and that’s why it returns an “unknown” state. The fix is to run the following command on the machine in and admin command prompt:      cd c:\windows\system32      lodctr /R      cd c:\windows\sysWOW64      lodctr /R After that the machine should start returning proper […]


RemoteToPC traverses most firewalls, but some firewall software actively stops activity for applications automatically because it has been configured to. Also, for network administrators that block all outbound firewall traffic, you’ll need to open outbound TCP ports for the host and join side computers: 5222, 5223, and 3478, as well as outbound UDP ports 3478, and […]

Metrics not showing up

  Troubleshooting metrics  The most common reason that system metrics do not show up is that the system time is off. Make sure that the time is set correctly on that system. If it is, open services.msc, and make sure that the R2PCMonHost service is running. Make sure that you are not blocking outbound ports: 5671 […]