Disconnecting connection

What to do if your remote connection disconnects : There are several reasons why a connection suddenly becomes unresponsive in the browser viewer or closes the native viewer, you’ll know your session has been disconnected. For security purposes, RemoteToPC only allows one remote connection at a time, so if someone else has that computer in […]

Metrics and Functions

Monitoring Remote system health metrics, and performing remote functions: Click on the arrow on the far left of a host system row to reveal the Functions and Metrics menu. From here you can see system information, system metrics, and perform various remote functions Click this image to open it full size in another tab:  If […]

Local Client Viewer

Local client vewer to access remote hosts without opening an internet browser.

Two Factor Authentication

To enable two factor authentication to login you must download an authentication application such as Google Authenticate to your cell phone. We do not send TEXT authentications. Two Factor Authentication settings can be found under the User Management link at the top of your Command Center. To enable two factor authentication follow the steps under […]

Update Payment Method

You can update your credit card payment information so your remote access subscription remains uninterrupted under the “Change User Settings” button at the top of your Command Center.  NOTE: Make sure your address information is accurate to your credit card

Cancel Subscription

You can cancel your own remote access subscription under the “Change User Settings” button at the top of your Command Center. 

Upgrade remote access subscription

You can upgrade or downgrade your own remote access subscription under the “Change User Settings” button at the top of your Command Center.  Your new plan will prorate how much is left in your existing plan and only charge you the difference left until your plan renews.

User Account Settings

User account settings allows you to change account and billing settings. It’s accessed from a link in the upper right hand corner of your Command Center screen:  From user account settings you’ll be able to view previous orders and subscriptions, print invoices, upgrade or downgrade your subscription, change your payment address, your payment credit card […]

Command Center Settings

The command center settings menu option allows you to turn on a dark mode (night theme) mode for your Command Center, set your time-zone for connection logs, setup the email address you want critical system alerts to go to, or turn on or off an email alert for whenever a new host computer is created […]

Bulk Select Remote Host Actions

You can now select all or multiple remote host systems and perform functions in bulk:  Simply check the box to the far left of each remote host you wish to perform bulk actions on, then scroll down to the bottom left hand side of your Command Center select the action you want to perform, and […]


RemoteToPC is remote access with alerts. Allowing you to remotely monitor 3 critical system health metrics on all host computers: RAM, CPU, and C-Drive . If any of those values goes above about 95% for more than a minute, you’ll receive an email alert notifying you.  Optionally you can turn off alerts for a computer […]