Must-Have Features In Secure Remote Access Solution For Small Businesses

Secure Remote Access Solutions For Small Business

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses were caught in limbo and forced to start operating remotely. While some businesses had preexisting structures to aid remote working, many struggled because they were unprepared. Frankly, many never anticipated a time when the work-from-home model would become more or less the norm.

Since then, though, the world has largely embraced remote working because it improves productivity in a business irrespective of size. According to a survey by Airtasker, remote workers are unproductive for an average of 27 minutes a day compared to 37 minutes for in-office employees. This is further supported by a Stanford study that shows that working from home is like increasing a full day of productivity every week.

In fact, a study by McKinsey American Opportunity Survey shows that 87% of employees would take remote jobs because it provides flexible working arrangements. Furthermore, employees get desired freedom and peace, which aids in work/life balance, and saves cost.

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From a business perspective, it helps save wage growth because of flexible work strategies and reduced costs. Again, employees get to work on their optimum conditions to deliver the best for a business.

Of course, work-from-home (remote) and hybrid models cannot be successful without the right technology. Using virtual communication platforms like Zoom is just not enough anymore. You probably need to access important data from a remote device, process and share it with other members of a distributed team. This is where having a secure remote access solution for a small business like RemoteToPC software comes in handy!

This is a tool that allows you to interact remotely with your business computer, safely fetch desired information/data, and remotely process to meet your needs. The beauty of this tool is that it is suitable and tailored to fit virtually any size of business.

What is Remote Access? 

Remote PC access, as the name suggests, is a secure way to connect to a network or computer located elsewhere, i.e., at home. Simply put, Remote access to pc solutions enables authorized users to access remote devices from remote locations. It is built with the appropriate hardware, software, and network infrastructure.

The remote access solution can also be used by the technical support staff to connect to the employee’s remote computers and address system problems without having to touch the afflicted device directly. Small businesses are using these solutions to elevate their work-from-home productivity and yield revenue.

Features to Lookout for In Secure Remote Access Solution for Small Businesses

When finding the ideal remote PC access solution for your business, it is important to look out for the right features if you are to get the best services. Some of the best features of a secure remote access solution for small businesses include:

Unattended Remote PC Access

Good remote access solutions for small businesses should provide reliable unattended desktop access services whenever you want. This means you can conveniently install the software, access the computer, and manage them to meet your needs.

With such a system, you can access remote computers from any device, add many accounts, access the computer concurrently with different accounts, allow installation via email link, manage computers, and group them as per your preferences. This feature ensures reliable, unlimited, and convenient access to remote computers and authorized connected devices.

Remote Management & Monitoring For IT

A secure remote access solution for small businesses should provide suitable remote management and monitoring for IT. This means that the IT functionalities like remote reboot, sleep, restart, sleeping, and multi-user access must be provided.

Good remote access to PC solutions allows users to reboot remotely, receive an email alert for CPU, RAM, servers, and other components, perform bulk actions on multiple computers, and manage multiple user access to a computer. In a nutshell, you can conveniently manage IT functions on your end without disrupting other users.

Remote Security & Logging

Remote security and logging guarantees safe and authorized access to the computer. Without security and logging features, unauthorized users can access and fetch sensitive information from the computer/network.

A good remote to pc solution ensures secure remote access for everyone. This is achieved through features like two-factor authentication, strong remote access encryption technologies, user connection and action logs, stacked login security, and compliance with industry security standards.

Why Choose RemoteToPC?

RemoteToPC essentially ticks all the boxes of a secure remote access solution for small businesses. This software provides nearly all the features you would demand from a modern remote access solution for all types and sizes of businesses. No wonder it streamlines remote computer access for home, business, and IT.

RemoteToPC Command Center

This tool provides a reliable and convenient way to access your PC remotely. Users can easily create unlimited accounts, install them via email or in a domain, manage multiple users simultaneously, transfer files remotely, and easily print files from their devices.

RemoteToPC also provides built-in monitoring, alerts, and management functions for IT services like safe-mode reboot, sleep, restart, wake-on-LAN, and bulk actions. You also get the status of components like servers, CPU, RAM, and Drives.

Furthermore, RemoteToPC provides top-grade security and logging features. Thanks to the two-factor authentication, downloadable action logs, user connections, AEDA encryption, and stacked login security. With such security features, you can comfortably implement the work-from-home model without fearing losing sensitive information to unauthorized people.

The list of features is incredible. With these amazing features, ease of use, availability of affordable pricing plans, and flexibility, RemoteToPC is one of the best remote access solutions for small businesses.

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, it is essential to find the right remote access tool to facilitate collaboration and troubleshooting capabilities for your business. The key is to look into features and pick the ideal secure remote access solution. This is where RemoteToPC excels as one of the best remote access solutions you can invest in for your small businesses. You can try it to get first-hand experience with the benefits of the tool to your business.


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