RemoteToPC: The Ultimate Tool For Managing Virtual Teams

Managing Virtual Teams

According to the 2022 Owl Labs State of Remote Work report, employees are actively looking for the flexibility to work from home. The report noted that the number of workers choosing to work remotely went up 24% compared to 2021. Those who prefer hybrid work went up 16%, while those choosing to work from the office dropped by 24%. As a business, you ought to adapt to the changing employee demands by allowing your team to work remotely. 

That said, managing remote teams can also come with challenges, including fragmented communication, distractions, technical challenges, and work-life balance. In this regard, you need to invest in the right technology, specifically using remote work tools like RemoteToPC, to solve some of these remote work challenges. 

Let’s delve in and expound more on how you can use RemoteToPC in managing virtual teams better:

RemoteToPC: The Best Remote Access Software 

RemoteToPC is among the best remote access software in the market that allows you to remotely login to your office PC from anywhere. You can access your files from home, collaborate on your work and even provide remote support and remote IT management.

For example, you might have a document on the office desktop that you need to retrieve and send to your colleague in your virtual team. 

In this case, RemoteToPC lets you access your office PC securely from the comfort of your home without worrying about the commute to the workplace. 

All you need to do is install a client remote access software on the host PC in the office, and you are good to access the information from anywhere!

Key RemoteToPC Features 

Here are some of the wonderful features of this remote pc software you might find helpful in managing your remote team:

Remote PC login Access

This remote access tool allows secure access to remote computers to improve productivity.

Remote access is also valuable for the IT department, which provides remote support to virtual teams. They can take control of the target device and provide necessary tech support to distributed teams.

RemoteToPC Command Center

Unattended Remote Desktop Access 

RemoteToPC has a wonderful feature known as unattended remote access. This feature allows you to remote login and access remote computers without having a host user on that target device granting you access. Simply put, this feature comes in handy when nobody is in the office to operate the PC for you.

You just need to install the client remote access software on the target PC and establish what is known as a client-server connection. The unattended remote desktop access helps the IT support team to provide support, fix technical issues, and reduce unplanned downtimes easily.

Access from any device 

There are scenarios where you might want to login to your PC and access any work device remotely from your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Well, RemoteToPC allows for that kind of flexibility. 

You can access a remote desktop computer from a Mac, iPhone, Android, or Linux system using the Web Viewer. You can remote view login through browsers like Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.

Allows Installation of Two-factor Authentication (2FA) 

RemoteToPC also supports two-factor authentication for its users. This ascertains that anyone who has access to your company data and devices has strict authority to do so. You can also use 3rd party tools like Google Authenticate. 2FA boosts security by prompting users to verify their identity before they can access the remote desktop computer.

Remote File Transfer and Remote Printing 

The tool also makes printing easier for virtual teams. All you need to do is send a virtual copy of the document to your local printer. In fact, you can even quickly transfer files between a remote and a local device using this remote pc software. 

How RemoteToPC compares to other Remote Desktop Software

When you are thinking about managing virtual teams, RemoteToPC is the remote access tool you should use. But why?

For starters, RemoteToPC is one of the cheapest remote desktop software in the market. The basic plan is just $99 per year for ten users!

The encryption features on RemoteToPC are also top-grade. The tool uses TLS V 1.2/ 256-AES and Poly 1305 AEAD Cryptography. This is essential in protecting your business from attacks as you work remotely. 

You will also get unlimited concurrent access & unlimited users with Enterprise plans. Plus, you can easily deploy RemoteToPC hosts via a link you email or to multiple systems in a domain. 

Not to mention, you can try RemoteToPC software features for 14 days!

Are you still thinking? Check this detailed comparison of how RemoteToPC compares to other remote desktop tools. 

Getting started with RemoteToPC

You’ll simply need to select the plan that fits your business, then sign up to start your free trial! 

You will then be allowed to download and install the host software on the host computer and the remote viewer software on the viewer computer or mobile device.

That’s all! You are now good to start using RemoteToPC to manage your virtual team better!

Benefits of using RemoteToPC to manage virtual teams 

Let’s look into some key benefits of leveraging RemoteToPC in managing virtual teams.

Improved Communication 

One of the significant challenges managers face when dealing with remote teams is fragmented communication. Well, RemoteToPC solves this by making it easier to collaborate and relay information between you and your virtual team. 

For instance, an employee in the IT department could use this remote pc software to assist a virtual employee experiencing technical issues on their device. You will pretty much simulate physical interaction in a traditional workplace. 

Improved Communication 

Increased Productivity 

With RemoteToPC, your virtual team doesn’t have to waste time retrieving files from the office PC. Instead, they will be more productive with the tool granting them remote access login to files from a device faster, plus they can collaborate and print them easily.

Better Collaboration 

There is always a chance that your remote employees will feel disconnected from the in-house staff and the rest of the distributed team. RemoteToPC improves collaboration by making your virtual team feel connected. This remote viewer software allows them to access files in real time and discuss how to tackle projects together. 

Enhanced Security 

Unfortunately, remote work poses a cybersecurity risk to your company. In a traditional workplace, your network infrastructure in the office will be under your watch. They will be better at protecting company devices from hackers and malicious attacks. 

However, when your employees work from home, they are no longer within the safeguards you have put in place in the office. There is a high chance their personal data and Wi-Fi networks will be infiltrated, putting your company at significant risk. 

A tool like RemoteToPC lets you breathe easy, knowing your company files and data are under tight lock and key. There are essential security features on this remote viewer software, like the encryption of files in transit. This will boost the security of your company files and data as you collaborate with your virtual team. 

Streamlined Remote Access Support 

Your remote team is bound to experience technical issues. This was actually one of the biggest remote work challenges during the pandemic. According to the Velocity Smart Technology Market Research Report 2021, 70% of remote workers experienced IT problems during the pandemic. 54% had to wait up to three hours for the issue to be resolved.

Remote Access Support

RemoteToPC guarantees they will get the remote support they need to continue with the relevant tasks at hand. Your IT team can remote view login to the device to troubleshoot the challenges faster. You can fix technical issues faster by getting your operations running smoothly. 

Wrapping up 

In a nutshell, the current workforce prefers to have a bit of flexibility in their schedules. Times are changing, and you ought to move with the changing workplace trends. You can allow employees to work from home and incorporate remote work tools like RemoteToPC to make your work more manageable. You will certainly offer a conducive experience to attract and keep the best talent in your business. You are also bound to scale up the productivity of your virtual team and ultimately reap the benefits of remote work as a business. 

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