Unattended Remote Desktop Access: Everything You Need To Know

Remote Desktop Access

We are in the digital era where technology is literally making anything possible, including the ability to remotely access your PC or unattended remote devices from anywhere. In the old days, if you were miles away and wanted to access an important file from your laptop or PC, the obvious choice would be to go there physically.

Today you can simply access the file or even control a device remotely thanks to remote desktop access software!  This is where the concept of unattended remote access comes in as one of the popular ways to establish that remote desktop access connection.

According to recent statistics, Remote Desktop Software Market is expected to touch the mark of USD 5,994.8 Million by 2028.

That said, let’s learn more about what unattended remote desktop access is and how you can use it to streamline your work and operations.

Unattended Remote Desktop Access: What Does It Mean?

For starters, Unattended remote desktop access is one of the techniques to access a PC remotely. It essentially allows you to control and retrieve the files and documents within your target device without an end user physically granting you access.

All you need for the access to be successful is to set up lightweight software on the target device and access the servers you wish to control. The two will then help you establish a remote client-server connection you can use to control and monitor the device from anywhere you are!

Unattended remote desktop access login comes in very handy for IT support and help desk teams who need to assist their clients in installing updates, troubleshooting technical issues, and more. It makes support much easier, meaning you can cut unplanned downtimes.

You can use the tool for file transfers, remote printing, session reporting, implementing security controls, and more. Many businesses are leveraging unattended remote desktop access tools to boost their productivity and increase flexibility, particularly for teams working in a fully remote or hybrid workplace.

remote desktop access

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Say your employees work from home, and they need to access a file on remote computers in the office.  In this case, remote desktop access can allow them to get hold of the file from the office PC without much of a hassle.

How Does It Differ From Attended Remote Desktop Access?

Attended remote desktop access is simply the opposite of unattended remote desktop access. In this case, the remote desktop access connection requires an end-user input on the target device to grant you access and start the connection. You need to install attended remote desktop access software on both the host and remote computers to set up the connection.

Remember, unattended remote login access doesn’t require an end user or a technician to be physically present to grant access. Once you install remote support software on all the devices you want to control, you can tap into them anytime and from anywhere as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Attended access is often used for on-demand support, while unattended access is ideal for endpoint management.

Unattended Remote Desktop

Benefits Of Using Unattended Remote Desktop Access

Here are some of the advantages of unattended remote access for businesses:

1. Improve How You Work From Home!

Working from home is fast becoming popular for businesses that want to embrace flexibility, improve productivity, cut costs and ultimately scale up on profits. Research done by Owl Labs found that remote and hybrid employees tend to be happier than those working in an onsite office environment.

RemoteToPC Access

Well, leveraging unattended remote desktop access technology allows your employees to collaborate and work better. For example, one of your employees might need a file from the company network infrastructure. An enterprise remote desktop access tool like RemotetoPC allows your team to access and share files via a secure connection. They can also print them remotely. You can do all these via a web portal. You don’t need to install any software to initialize the connection.

You can also use the remote access tool to control Android mobile devices if your business has a mobility policy like BYOD (Bring your Own Device) or COPE (Company Owned/Personally Enabled).

2. Streamline IT Support

With the help of effective IT support tools like RemotetoPC, your IT team can help clients who need urgent remote IT support with their devices. Again, this makes remote work far much easier. You can reduce on-site support making your IT team much more productive. Your IT team can also remote desktop access log-in to devices to undertake regular updates and security patches to cut down on downtime issues.

3. Save Time

Your employees waste lots of time on transit they would have used more productively. Some clients will not be patient enough to wait till you get to the office to have a problem resolved. In this case, the remote desktop access solutions allow your employees and other admins to respond promptly, even via their mobile phones or tablets.

Unattended Remote Desktop Access

4. Meet Industry Regulatory Compliance & Standards

Secure remote login access allows you to comply with legislation and regulatory guidelines in your industry. For instance, if you are in the healthcare industry, one of the key regulations you and all your third-party vendors should adhere to includes the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the GDPR. These laws stipulate data privacy requirements that protect sensitive patient information. Secure remote access tools ensure that you and your vendors protect client data to avoid costly data breaches.

Why Choose Remote To Pc For Remote Desktop Access?

Again, an enterprise tool like RemotetoPC is the key to enjoying some of the unattended remote desktop access benefits we have discussed. The beauty is there is no limit on the number of devices you can connect to and access at a particular time.

You can also add an unlimited number of accounts for everyone in your workplace and assign each person a device to access and control remotely. You can access your PCs and Macs from any other device as long as you have the host software installed on the remote computer.

Work From Home

Perhaps you receive a request from a client who needs IT support. If they don’t already have RemoteToPC, you could send them an email with a link to download and install the software. Then you will be set to access their computer!

You could also choose to restrict other users in your account to specific computers so they won’t be able to get to other computers they are not supposed to have access to. At the advanced level, RemoteToPC allows you to manage as many tabs as you need without switching from one window to another. Once you have retrieved the files you need, this solution allows you to transfer the files to any other host connected to the server.

Other features you can use are multi-system deployments, computer grouping and search, remote reboot, remote printing, chat, and drag and drop and more. In connection you can also block the host device’s mouse or keyboard to prevent users from interrupting you while you work.

In A Nutshell

In a nutshell, remote desktop access tools can improve how you do business. A top enterprise remote PC access solution like RemoteToPC can help your IT team troubleshoot and provide support faster. You can cut on costly downtimes and improve your customer service, plus your employees can work from home without sacrificing efficiency and security!

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