Remote Monitoring: The Key to Smarter Business Operations Management

Remote Monitoring

As a business, you ought to work hard to attain operational efficiency. Essentially, you want to deliver more output for a given input, or rather; you should strive to churn out more business results using optimized resources like money, equipment, inventory, and other inputs. The key to smarter business operations is to cut down on […]

RemoteToPC: The Ultimate Tool For Managing Virtual Teams

Managing Virtual Teams

According to the 2022 Owl Labs State of Remote Work report, employees are actively looking for the flexibility to work from home. The report noted that the number of workers choosing to work remotely went up 24% compared to 2021. Those who prefer hybrid work went up 16%, while those choosing to work from the […]

Remote Training: Ultimate Guide to Upscale Your Team

Remote training

In the past, working away from the office was a preserve of those at the apex of society. In the last decade, though, remote work has taken center stage. It is now seen less as a status symbol but as a way to make work models more flexible. Studies show that remote workers have increased […]

Unattended Remote Access: Everything You Need To Know

Unattended Remote Access

We are in the digital era where technology is literally making anything possible, including the ability to remotely access your PC or devices from anywhere. In the old days, if you were miles away and wanted to access an important file from your laptop or PC, the obvious choice would be to go there physically. […]

Streamline Your Hybrid Office with These Remote Work Tools

Remote Work Tools

In recent years, a lot has changed, including the way we work. Technology has played a remarkable role in these shifting trends. Employees are now working remotely in a distributed fashion, especially after the first quarter of 2020 when the pandemic put the world to a standstill. It is worth noting that employees who work […]

Must-Have Features In Secure Remote Access Solution For Small Businesses

Secure Remote Access Solutions For Small Business

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses were caught in limbo and forced to start operating remotely. While some businesses had preexisting structures to aid remote working, many struggled because they were unprepared. Frankly, many never anticipated a time when the work-from-home model would become more or less the norm. Since then, though, […]

Signs Your Business Needs Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote Monitoring and Management

In the wake of the recent pandemic, there have been significant shifts and changes in various sectors. Most businesses rely on new working models, i.e., remote and hybrid models. Indeed, it improves the company’s efficiency but raises concerns about employee management and network monitoring.  This is where critical tools like RMM solutions come in handy. […]

Ultimate Guide to Manage Your Outsourced Employees

Outsourced Employees

Remote work, once a status symbol and perk for the lucky few, has grown in popularity, especially in the last decade. In fact, remote work has risen by 400% in the past decade! A major contribution here is technological advancement. The magnificent shift is further encouraged by the benefits the remote model presents to employees.  […]

Accelerate Employee Productivity with these Remote Work Products

“Employees are as integral to business operations as the product or service portfolio.” It is rightly said that employees are crucial assets that can make or break a venture. Investing time and money in their onboarding leads the organization to the path of progress.  However, even the best team will count for little if their […]

Secure Remote Access Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

The healthcare industry has undergone many changes over the years. Many factors, such as new medicine introduced through research and technology, have been significant contributors to the ever-evolving world of healthcare. The recent pandemic also played a role in accelerating some of the growing trends in healthcare, like telemedicine and telehealth. The phrase ‘seeing the […]

How To Handle Remote Workforce’s Security Risks

Remote Workforce’s Security

Today, it is estimated that at least 70% of employees work away from the office at least once a week. Reason being that most employees feel more productive when they work from home. Managers and business executives have also warmed up to remote work owing to its advantages. On the flipside, the remote work model […]

Working From Home Vs. Working in An Office-The Debate Continues

Working From Home Vs. Working in An Office

Remote work has been around for decades, but it has become more prominent with the growth of tech, particularly garage startups working on tight budgets. Remote work can be traced back to 1973, when Jack Niles, a NASA engineer, first coined the term “telecommuting.” The pandemic certainly played a critical role in accelerating a shift […]

Is it just another way to remotely access a PC?

“So it it just a another way to remotely access a PC?” I sometimes struggle to answer people who ask me what Remote To PC is. Do I tell them that, it’s like the name sounds, a way to remotely access a PC? That doesn’t quite do it, because it’s more than that. It’s also […]

The IT Remote Support Dilemma

The continually rising costs of remote IT support tools   In recent years IT support is increasingly accomplished though some form of remote access service. In several organizations more than 70% of all computer support given is some form of remote IT support. Microsoft offers the Remote Desktop application on all versions of Windows that […]