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Advanced Authentication


RemoteToPC Remote Access Advanced Authentication types require a minimum version of 2.3.3 on the host, and 2.2.3 on the viewer 

There are 3 different connection authentication settings that can be configured on the RemoteToPC host.

  1. Access Key (default)
  2. Access Key and Windows Authentication
  3. Windows Authentication

To change the authentication method, open the host Control Panel by right clicking on the blue cloud RemoteToPC icon down by your clock and selecting: RemoteToPC Control Panel

Select: Options, Settings, Advanced, then select from the Authentication Types:

remote authentication types
  • If you’ve selected Access Key (default) you’ll see RemoteToPC login screen when you attempt to connect:
  • If you’ve selected Windows Authentication you’ll see the Windows login screen when you attempt to connect:
  • If you select both methods of authentication, you’ll receive each authentication screen successively before you’re allowed into the remote computers desktop.


  • A restart remote access on the host when you’ve made a change to the authentication method is required.
  • These authentication methods do not allow you to skip the Windows login screen.  If a computer is currently logged out and sitting a Windows login screen, at this time you’ll still need to enter the windows credentials there again. 

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