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Windows XP and 2003 Server


We do not guarantee Windows XP or 2003 Server will work with RemoteToPC, but starting with host version 2.0.7 RemoteToPC has been tested to work with an XP system that had Service pack 3, had .NET 4.0 put on it, and was configured to support use TLS 1.1 and 1.2.

The connection is through the RemoteToPC legacy tunnel, which has to be selected through the expanded menu in your Command Center. The XP system will also not show a green online indicator, and after you install RemoteToPC the R2PCSecureTunnel service needs to be disabled on the XP system or else it continually throws errors up on its screen.

We did not test a 2003 server, but it may work as well since they are built on the same foundation. We only offer very limited support to these expired operating systems.

We assume no responsibility to support your move from XP to POS ready 2009. 

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