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WOL – Troubleshooting Wake on Lan


Minimum Requirements:

  • The computer must be on a wired network. WOL will not work over a WIFI connection. 
  • The BIOS/Hardware of the computer must support WOL
  • There must be another computer on the same network that is turned on and has RemoteToPC on it.

In order for WOL to work on a computer the computer must support the option to be awakened. You’ll need to make sure that it’s turned on in your system BIOS.

Windows 10 Requirements (The same settings must be setup on Windows 7 & 8 network adapters):

Wake on LAN Windows 10 instructions.

  1. Open the quick access window with Windows key + X , and select device manager
  2. Under device manager expand your list of network adapters, right click on your primary network adapter and select properties
  3. Select the Power Management tab select: Allow this device to wake up computer and Only allow magic packet to wake the computer
  4. Select the Advanced tab, and highlight the Wake on Magic Packet option in the Property box. Change the value to Enabled, and select OK
  5. Restart this computer for settings to take effect.

Other Tips:

Fast Startup, which is a hybrid state first introduced in Windows 8 can interfere with WOL. To disable it

  1.  Open the quick access window with the Windows key + X, and select power options
  2. Select Choose what the power buttons do, then Change settings that are currently unavailable 
  3. Scroll to Shutdown settings and uncheck Turn on Fast startup (recommended) then click Save Changes

Make sure your system BIOS, system chipset, and network adapter driver are updated to the latest versions of software. Also, make sure that you’ve enabled the correct network adapter.