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Black Screen / Headless Display


RemoteToPC on headless systems (systems without a display connected and turned on) :

Computer graphics cards are continually sending data to the display. If no display is connected, it’s not turned on, or if it’s a laptop and the lid is closed, Windows bypasses the graphics card.

This can lead to certain problems with the way you see things when connected through RemoteToPC. Since RemoteToPC displays a copy of whatever the graphics card of a computer outputs, it might not display the remote computer content correctly, or at all. For example, you could connect to a remote computer and only see a black screen, or your screen resolution is not optimal.

To resolve this problem, make sure you’ve got an external monitor connected and turned on, or you might buy what is called a “dummy plug” as this is a common problem that exists with most remote computer access solutions.

Here is a software workaround that might fix your headless display issues:

Navigate to the registry on the host machine:

(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\remotetopc\Server) and Create a DWORD named “UseD3D” and set the value to 0.
In the same registry key, also set “UseMirrorDriver” to 0.

 Also navigate to:


Add a DWORD named “DisableHWAcceleration” with a value of 1.