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General Troubleshooting Ideas


Browser Trouble

You must use version 10 and above of Internet Explorer. Older versions of IE don’t work properly.

Your browser must assign a cookie to open the Join side software Try clicking the “Reinstall Join Client” button at the top of the Command Center, and reinstalling the Join side software.  Then Refresh your browser.

If you have problems installing, try disabling your popup blocker for the RemoteToPC website.

Try a different browser like Firefox, Chrome, IE, or Edge to isolate the problem down to a specific browser.


Host System troubleshooting ideas:

Did you set the password correctly? Try changing the RemoteToPC password on that system by right clicking on the RemoteToPC icon down by the clock and selecting “Change Access Password”

Did you try restarting the host service by clicking on the wrench in the Command Center and selecting “Restart Remote Access” ?

Did you check the host system for malware or other problems?

Make sure you have .Net 4.0 and above libraries installed on the Host system.

Did you run the installer as administrator, try right clicking on the deployment file and running as Administrator.

Is the system going to sleep? Make sure the system is not going to sleep.

Do you have a firewall that asks you to approve certain applications when you install? Did you approve RemoteToPC?

Check to see if the RemoteToPC services are running on the Host system under services.msc. (R2PCHost, R2PCMonHost, R2PCUpdater)

If they weren’t running, do they start and stay running?

If they don’t stay running check log files (C:\ProgramData\RemoteToPC) and Event Viewer.

.NET runtime errors? AppCrash errors?

Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling RemoteToPC on the Host system? Make sure you reboot after you uninstall, and before you reinstall. Make sure you don’t have other applications or things like the Windows Task Manager, or Process Monitor open when you install. 


Join System troubleshooting ideas:

If you can’t join any remote systems, then you might have a problem on the Join side.

RemoteToPC Join side software must be installed on your Join side computer, and your browser must be calling it in order to get to a Remote Host system.

RemoteToPC uses a cookie to point your browser to the Join Side software. Make sure your browser accepts that cookie and that it’s not deleted at close. The cookie is assigned when you install the Join Side software.


Compatibility problems:

We make every effort to test RemoteToPC and have found that it can be used in conjunction with other Remote Desktop applications with the exception of RealVNC. 

We have experienced problems with RealVNC. The RealVNC join client causes RemoteToPC sessions to lock up, even after it’s been removed from the Join side system. RealVNC should not be used in conjunction with RemoteToPC, and we recommend that you perform a reinstall of the Join client after using RealVNC on that system.