How Can We Help?

Installation Problems



1 Follow Getting Started Instructions

If you are having problems installing RemoteToPC HOST or JOIN clients make sure you have read and are following the installation instructions in the Getting Started section.

2 Do you have a fresh download?  

Make sure you are using a fresh download of the HOST client. When you download a host installation from Remote To PC from the command center, you can reuse that to install over and over again, but it might not be the latest version, so if it’s been a while, or your having problems installing, you should download a new host installation file. 

3 Try Disabling your antivirus or Anti-Malware

We know that some antiviruses create a problem where they will not allow for registry information to be written by some installation programs, try disabling your antivirus and closing down any other programs before you install. Please report any antivirus related installation problems to us. 

4 If your browser or operating system complains 

Microsoft has recently implemented SmartScreen, a method to protect users from loading applications that they don’t recognize. If you ever see this, you need to click on the “more” link, or button, and tell it to run, or install anyway. 

5 Make sure you system is healthy and up to date

If your system has not been rebooted in a while, restart it. Also run an application like Malwarebytes or Adaware to make sure there is no Malware or viruses on your computer. Make sure you have the latest updates, and that .NET is at least 4.0 or newer.