RemoteToPC Monitors 3 core system metrics on all the systems that it is installed on. The three metrics are CPU, RAM, and C-DRIVE. If any of those metrics go above the 95% range for more than 3 minutes you’ll receive an email alert notifying you.

System email alerts can be shut off for individual systems by selecting the alerts slider button for that system till it turns from green to red.

system alerts

System metrics and alerts for them are turned on by default, but there is an additional system metric for servers only that can be turned on under the wrench icon for that system. It’s called the heartbeat alert which senses a keepalive signal for that system. It should only be enabled for computer systems that must be online at all times. If it ever goes offline for about 3 minutes, you’ll receive an alert for it in your email.

keepalive alert

You can view a graph of the 3 basic system metrics from the expanded view for each particular system. Just click on the arrow on the far left of a computers row, and then select the link for either CPU, RAM, or DISK

system metrics

You’ll see the current percentage utilization for each system metric, and if you hover your mouse over them it will say which system metric each on is. If you click on it, it will expand out a historic graph of the metric for up to 7 days, which can also be zoomed in on.

utilization graph